StarkNet Alpha 1

Featuring: L1<>L2 Interaction, On-Chain Data, and the Growing StarkNet Ecosystem

Jul 19, 2021 · 4 min read


StarkNet Alpha 1 has two new features:

  • On-chain data


At the beginning of the year, we announced that StarkWare is building StarkNet, a permissionless decentralized STARK-based ZK-Rollup¹ operating as an L2 network over Ethereum. StarkNet allows any dApp to achieve unlimited scale for its computation — without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security.

Alpha 1 Features

L1<>L2 Interaction

Alpha 1 includes an L1<>L2 messaging protocol, which allows developers to implement seamless transaction flows between L1 and L2. Developers can now send messages from contracts on L1 to contracts on L2 and vice versa.

On-Chain Data-Availability

StarkNet’s state update is now also published as on-chain data on Ethereum. This allows any user to fully construct StarkNet’s state from L1 data. Each state update includes the state diff, i.e., what storage was changed and its new value.

StarkNet OS

We are also releasing the StarkNet Operating System code. The StarkNet OS is the Cairo program that runs StarkNet. The OS handles everything which is done on the network — contract deployment, transaction execution, L1<>L2 messages and more. The StarkNet OS architecture and design will be explained in detail in a separate post.

Extra Features

Not only has StarkNet Alpha evolved, we are also constantly improving Cairo. For a full description of the new features in Cairo v0.3.0, check the release notes here.

The Ecosystem is Growing

Aside from the constant work on StarkNet Core, the ecosystem’s work on StarkNet is continuously expanding. We are thrilled to be collaborating with some of the most talented teams from the ecosystem.

What the Future Holds

The next stop on our road to StarkNet will be composability — allowing contracts to interact with one another. Stay tuned.


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