100+ Slack Communities for a Startup CEO

Product Talks: 114 communities, explore them all.

Alex Kistenev


Slack keeps growing like crazy with new ways of using the app besides team communications. We at Standuply did some research about that and composed a list of 1000 Slack communities.

Today I’d like to share product related Slack communities with SSG Medium reader. See this post with the full list of 1000 communities.

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Table of contents

  • Design, UI/UX
  • Ecommerce
  • GameDev
  • Games
  • Slack
  • Startups and Product Development
  • Miscellaneous

Design, UI/UX


  • Spree Commerce (1435): Open source ecommerce solution for Ruby on Rails
  • Moltin hub (1263): Slack hub for learning, discussing, sharing and contributing to each others projects
  • Solidus (1020): Open-source ecommerce Rails application for high volume retailers
  • Marketplace Academy (50): Everything about ecommerce and online marketplaces
  • E-Commerce Slack Chat (n/a): Community founded by TJ Mapes — blogger who tells about his experiments with online store of RIPT Apparel where he works
  • eCommerce Lounge (n/a): Talks about online stores and internet marketing
  • Proven ECommerce (n/a): Entrepreneurs and marketers from growing ecommerce stores



  • PokemonGo-Bot (13000): Slack bot that announces nearby pokemon to channel(s)
  • Screeps (3595): MMO strategy sandbox game
  • #Gaming (2900): Slack community for gamers to chat and play video games
  • Stimhack (1670): A Community for Netrunner Players (unofficial fan site of the Android: Netrunner game)
  • FirstBlood (1662): eSport platform place
  • Ace3mod (1176): The realism mod for Arma 3
  • RPG Talk (1136): All your favourite role-playing games discussions in one place
  • X-Wing Games (XWingTMG) (533): Place to chat about list building, battle reports, the latest announcements and everything else related to tiny plastic spaceships
  • Fantasy Football News Bot (375): Channel for fantasy football news and fantasy footballers
  • PICO-8 (328): Fantasy console by Joseph White for making, sharing and playing tiny games
  • DND RPG (215): Dungeons & Dragons game chat with loads of interesting stuff
  • Bet With Confidence (166): Sports forecasts
  • The MUD Coders Guild (165): Community of guys who love Multi User Dungeon games (mostly text)
  • Idi-systems (ACRE) (151): Discussions on Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2) for Arma 3
  • Getwrecked (132): Community of Get Wrecked (mobile game app)
  • Chipsters (125): Community of C.H.I.P. and Pocket C.H.I.P. users
  • Beowulf Strategic Operations (105): Arma game (Beowulf Strategic Operations) community
  • Gamestah TV (86): Community for Oceanic esports and gaming streamers
  • PJWarriors (57): Slack team of Clash Of Clan users
  • Raiders of the Lost Arc (48): Gamers guild place to hangout
  • RotoBistro (40): Community for folks that love DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports)
  • MMBN (27): Megaman Battle Network
  • Star Wars Battlefront (25): EA Star Wars Battlefront players to share friend-tags, news, alert others to streams and more
  • Magic The Gathering (#MTG) (21): Place to discuss everything about game Magic: The Gathering
  • Megga Minecrafters (9): Minecraft game on LBSG servers
  • DIM (n/a): Place to meet with other Guardians, stay updated and to reach out to the creators of Destiny Item Manager 24/7
  • Esports Professional Network (n/a): Cybersport community for newbies and professionals
  • North Side Trainers (n/a): Guys who use slack to chat together and send notifications to your phone when rare pokemon spawn nearby


  • Learn Slack (600): Place where people learn about Slack and share cool tips and tricks
  • Lighthouse (Slack Admins) (213): The first Slack admins chat
  • Profit Society (132): Social club for people who wants to create paid Slack community and start making money of it
  • Modtalk (n/a): Slack moderators and community managers to talk about growth and enrichment
  • ModTalk (n/a): Another group for people who run or mod Slack communities

Startups and Product Development

  • Spec Network (8329): Global community of developers and designers
  • Launch (8300): Populous group of entrepreneurs, designers and makers
  • Startup Study Group (7838): Founders, startupers and investors
  • MindTheProduct (7300): International product community
  • Product School (6527): Part-time product management courses
  • Startup Foundation (6450): One of the most advanced startup communities. Paid access — $29 one time entry fee
  • Product Manager HQ (3200): Community focused on product creation and development. Paid access — $25 one time entry fee
  • TechMasters (2882): Project founders and tech professionals. Place to get an advice on programming and find answers to business questions
  • Amateurpreneur (1715): Place where beginners can get feedback and discuss progress or strategy
  • Trello Community on Slack (1709): Official chat of Trello task tracker
  • Startups Live (1042) Slack chat with startup founders every day at 11am EST. Paid access — $29 every month
  • CreativeTribes (1000): Startup people to share and discuss tribe-building strategies, experiences and resources. Paid access — $25 one time entry fee
  • Directed Discovery (414): Directed Discovery or DD — product development technique
  • Digital Artisans (320): Programmers, designers, managers and entrepreneurs about creation and development of digital products
  • #Agile (318): Chat community for talking about all things agile: from software engineering to scrum mastering, methodologies, culture, process and anything else
  • Digital Project Managers (280): Slack chat for PMs
  • CollabHub (266): Another cozy community of professionals from different fields of startup industry
  • PMA LA Slack Community (245): Product Managers from the LA and Southern California area
  • Agendashift (241): Place where Lean, Agile and Kanban method experts hang out
  • Startup Resources (230): Curated lists of the best startup tools and the startup community
  • MattKremer.com (222): Discussion on programming, building MVP, and business strategies
  • The Hustle (187): The community behind thehustle.co to discuss entrepreneurship, tech, business ventures, music, etc.
  • Business Analyst (156): Community of business analysts from all around the world
  • The HQ (97): Discussions focused on education and consulting for startups
  • StartupLancing (65): Launch, development and ways to meet partners
  • Go Global Go Big (50): Place for people from all over the world who is interested in international business and global expansion
  • Project 1440 (49): Small group to talk about productivity and personal development
  • Power BI User Community (38): BI experts united
  • Pineapple Formula (3): Place to look for digital tips to help business grow
  • #Productmanagers (n/a): Talks about all the things relevant to product management
  • #Smaillbiz (n/a): Small and medium businesses development
  • Business China (n/a): Channel for Chinese interested in doing business in US and Americans interested in doing business in China
  • Crowdfund Research (n/a): Investors and startup founders discuss everything about equity crowdfunding
  • Founded X (n/a): Global community of startup founders
  • ProductHunt Global (n/a): Community where general meetings get arranged and everything about Product Hunt launch gets discussed
  • SaaS Alliance (n/a): SaaS founders & professionals
  • SaaS Founders (n/a): SaaS owners group on Slack
  • Support Driven (n/a): Community for SaaS support professionals
  • TechStartupFounders (n/a): Place for startup founders and co-founders to discuss their interests
  • TechyBytes (n/a): Slack group where developers, designers and students discuss tech and growth of the industry
  • UpLabs (n/a): Web and mobile professionals talk about design, development and share feedback
  • Founderr (n/a): Group of entrepreneurs, founders, VC’s, designers, developers, etc. Paid access — £1 every month


  • Sideproject (1194): Place to find collaborators or join side projects
  • Layer (261): Customer conversation platform
  • YesGraph Community (114): User invite flow solution
  • Tech 2025 (n/a): Community focused on technologies that will impact our world in the next 10 years including AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR/MR, etc.
  • Tribe of Angels (n/a): Place where Jewish entrepreneurs, investors and students chat about things



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