This is how positive thinking will change the face of your business

Look around you, you will find out that everyone is talking about positivity in life. But how many of them actually embrace this trait in their personality? Very few, isn’t it?

Even a small failure will have them saying things like — ‘I can’t do it anymore’, ‘I am not worth it’, ‘I knew this was coming’ and more negative thoughts. That’s now success is achieved in life.

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Failure is inexorable in life; you cannot avoid it. It’s how you deal with failures is what makes you a powerful leader. No one was there to pick up Steve Jobs when he was ousted from Apple — the company that he found. But it was his positivity that brought him back to the company and led to the cinderella story that made him one of the most influential persons in the world.

That’s the kind of success anyone can achieve by embracing a positive attitude in life. As a wise man once said — Positive anything is better than negative everything. You need to embrace the power of positivity to see how it transforms the way you look at things. And running a business is no different.

Here’s a look at how being a positive leader is going to impact your business and change the face of it -

Bounce back quickly

Positive thinking evokes a person to easily bounce back. When you fail, negative emotions club the mind. This is where the power of positivity comes into the picture. As a positive leader, you are able to pick yourself back quickly and move on towards improving the process and ensure what happened this time is not repeated the next time.

Barbara Fredrickson, author of Positivity and a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,” We need at least three positive emotions to open and lift us up to counter every single negative emotion that drags us down.”

So it is evident that a person with positive thinking is able to counter those negative emotions that pop-up due to failure. And hence is able to bounce back quickly.

Attracts positivity and productivity

Positive thinking goes a long way in attracting people with positive approach. When you are positive in your approach, people automatically look up to you for inspiration. A negative frame of mind can easily lead to loss of productivity, with people become more focussed on saving their arse rather than focussing on going beyond their 100%. This is where the power of positive mind actually comes to be of great help.

A person with a positive frame of mind is always looking for something invigorative and innovative even in the toughest situations. This is how ground breaking things happen. When your mind is occupied with negative thoughts, you are more focused on cutting the other person’s legs off to save yours. And that’s how the entire concept of growth gets derailed.

A positive leader on the other hand inspires not just himself to go beyond the usual, but at the same time leaves an impression on the team to strive for the same.

Positivity brings a sense of energy

Being positive brings a sense of energy in the individual. If you have had the opportunity to meet in person or even study about the people who have made it big in their field, you would have figured out that their biggest strength is their positive attitude.

Even after so many hardships in life Jack Ma always remained positive. Elon Musk was on the verge of bankruptcy at one point of time, but he remained positive. And look at where these guys are now.

Being a leader you will have to face the hard times. But that’s how strong leaders are built. And do you know what’s that one thing which fuels fire to great leadership — it’s the positive attitude!

Embrace it and you will get to see the difference it makes in your professional life, and personal as well, in just a matter of days.

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