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Are we ready For AR / MR and Spatial Computing ?

Avi Barel
Avi Barel
Oct 14, 2018 · 7 min read

With the rise of Augmented-Reality SDKs (Apple’s ARKit & Google’s ARCore), the new Mixed-Reality Glasses from Microsoft HoloLens, and Magic-Leap, it’s time to step-into an entirely new world of apps and experiences.
And for the UX/UI Designers and the Developers among us, it’s also a great opportunity to create productive apps for the Spatial Computing! So if Cross-Platform devices (Mobile, Tablets, Desktop, and IoT) is not enough for you, Then maybe you should dive into the future!

Step into Augmented-Reality (AR)

From AR to Mixed-Reality (MR)

Control your Tech & IoT devices like a Jedi

And now with the Magic Leap hype, looks like it’s not that revolutionary compared to HoloLens, but I do like what they are doing for creators, and I do enjoy the competition — Hopefully it will help the AR/MR/XR tech to go faster, and evolve exponentially.

What About Apple?

Prepare for the future, now!

Perhaps, even upgrade some of our human capabilities when it comes to knowledge, skills, Hybrid-thinking. After all, Elon Musk’s Neuralink is just over the corner, and I believe that combining MR with AI will upgrade our capabilities (just like Cyborgs maybe?)…

I made few prototypes (there are more to come) :

1. Study with AR/MR glasses

2. Sketch with Mixed Reality glasses

3. Control IoT devices with a AR/MR Glasses

4. Control Lights and AC with a AR/MR Glasses

5. CyberSecurity App for AR/XR/VR, Wearables and IoT devices

6. Jogging and watching videos or lectures

7. Re-live your memories and moments

8. Control your Tesla Model S with your AR/MR Glasses

9. Control games & apps with your head, face, and voice

I’ll update this article with more AR projects, come back soon ;)

How to start with AR/MR?

Originally published at Avi Barel’s Blog, on Oct 14, 2018

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Avi Barel

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Avi Barel

CEO at HoverSense | Former UX Lead at Microsoft, Cisco, NDS | Founder at | Passionate about: #Tech #Innovation #Startups #AR #XR #AI #UX #UI #Dev

StartUX is a unique Innovation Hub for: Startups, UX/UI/FE, AR/MR/XR, AI/ML & Tech! Website:

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