How to pick your STATION F startup program?

Here at STATION F, we like to call ourselves a “campus” like in a university. Not incubator but campus. The difference, you ask? Well, first off: we have 30 different startup programs on site. And those are just in one part of the building (which, in itself, is part of a series of buildings…) — in addition, we have tons of services on campus: investors, public services, a maker’s lab, a restaurant, housing… But that’s for another story.

Back to the startup programs: joining STATION F means you have to be accepted to one of the 30 startup programs. Yes, STATION F is a selective place, not a co-working space. Our selection rate is currently below 9% (more on that here).

30 options is a lot. Our different programs focus either on:

  • specific industries
  • stages of startup development
  • target populations or geographies

Each program has its own set of rules, selection process, conditions, and philosophy.

In order to help you make the right choice, we have created this table (below) to provide you with an overview of all our programs. The details are on our website:

PSSST: The Founders Program and Fighters Program are accepting applications :) Apply now!

A master guide on how to pick the best program at STATION F

Side notes

Please note that you can apply to as many programs as you’d like!

But you cannot participate in two programs at the same time. With that said, a lot of our startups join different programs one after the other, following their growth path. For instance, you can join the Founders Program as an early stage company, and 6 months later, opt for an acceleration program (you still have to re-apply though, the programs are completely independent from one another!)

You cannot have your startup in one program, and your side project in another. Startup programs require full-time dedication :)

STATION F partner programs are run by our partners, therefore we cannot help you or influence your acceptance into their programs.

If you want more info about the Founders and Fighters Programs, run by STATION F itself, we advise you to read:

Now, which program are you going to apply to? Tell us in the comments ;)