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Component Story Format

Simple, portable, future-proof component examples

Michael Shilman
Jul 29, 2019 · 6 min read

🏆 Why a new format?

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The “Story” is the source of truth for a component example

A story is a code snippet that renders an example of a component in a specific state.

📄 Component Story Format

storiesOf('atoms/Button', module)
.add('text', () => <Button>Hello</Button>)
.add('emoji', () => <Button>😀😎👍💯</Button>);
export default { title: 'atoms/Button' };export const text = () => <Button>Hello</Button>;
export const emoji = () => <Button>😀😎👍💯</Button>;
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🚚 Story portability

export default { title: 'Counter' }export const enabled = () => (
<Counter text="Enabled" />
export const disabled = () => (
<Counter disabled text="Disabled" />
import { render, fireEvent } from '@testing-library/react';
import { enabled, disabled } from './Button.stories';
describe('counter interactivity', () => { it('should increment when enabled', () => {
const comp = render(enabled());'Enabled: 0'));
expect(comp.getByText('Enabled: 1')).toBeTruthy();
it('should do nothing when disabled', () => {
const comp = render(enabled());'Disabled: 0'));
expect(comp.getByText('Disabled: 0')).toBeTruthy();

🔀 Convenient code migrations

sb migrate storiesof-to-csf --glob "**/*.stories.js"

3 minute install

npx npm-check-updates '/storybook/' -u && npm install
import { configure } from ‘@storybook/react’;configure(require.context(‘../src/’, true, /\.stories\.js$/), module);
cd my-react-vue-angular-project
npx -p @storybook/cli@next sb init

🔭 What’s next?

Thanks to the community


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