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Storybook is a growing project with 500+ committers spanning the globe (source: Github API)

Storybook Governance

Supporting open open source

Say hello to the Storybook Steering Committee!

Storybook’s top committers, Norbert de Langen, Filipp Riabchun, Michael Shilman, Igor Davydkin, and Tom Coleman are also the most active along other key metrics, including support, documentation, issue and PR management, community-building, release management, blogging, and public speaking.

  • Filipp Riabchun 🇷🇺 upgraded babel/webpack in SB4, set up Storybook tooling, managed issues, pull requests, and dependency upgrades.
  • Michael Shilman 🇺🇸 created storybook core, set up our release process, docs site, and managed/documented Storybook’s 100+ community-driven releases.
  • Igor Davydkin 🇮🇱 created Story Hierarchy, the Storysource addon, has maintained Storybook Angular, and manages issues, pull requests, and dependency upgrades.
  • Tom Coleman 🇦🇺 upgraded React Native, Storyshots, the story and addon APIs, authored the leading tutorial Learn Storybook, and brought OSS best practices from his time at Apollo GraphQL.



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