About Strength in a Story

Strength in a Story publicly captures the uniqueness of each of the 34 Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes by revealing glimpses of talent through story telling. Whether it’s in the form of a written post, an audio recording, images, or even video, this publication will showcase the vast variety of behaviours associated with each Clifton StrengthsFinder Theme.

It’s human nature to identify a problem and then attempt to fix it. This appears to make logical sense. However, when it comes to human behaviour this can be quite the opposite. While it is true there are some destructive behaviours that do need to change, perhaps due to a past trauma. It is also true that many actually just need some time and investment in order to aim them towards productivity. Whether that’s in the work place, at home, with colleagues, or family and friends.

In Gallup’s 30+ years of research they discovered something special about humans; when we focus on what is right with people, we excel in what we do, almost to the level of consistent, near perfect performance.

This can be a resource for those who have recently taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. Use it to creatively share your experiences while also reading about others. It may also be useful for StrengthFinder Coaches. Use it as an outlet to share your experiences in creative ways. Share it with your clients, sometimes a person may identify their own Themes though someone else’s story.

If you’d like to contribute, read this short post.

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