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Your online design school.

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Omar Abdul-Rahim
Cofounder of Students Who Design, student at Cornell
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Sahil Khoja
Building studentswho.design. PM at Facebook. Cornell Alum. Cancer Survivor. Previously design at Instagram, Facebook, Intuit.
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Zain Khoja
Student at Cornell, incoming design intern at Instagram. Previously at GitHub. Sweet tea sommelier.
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Brandon Jacoby
Product Designer in NYC, working on Cash App at Square. Photographer, sometimes. Coffee drinker, always. Former Student-Athlete.
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Andrew Aquino
Product Designer on NewsFeed @ Facebook
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Ethan Bond
Product designer at Palantir NYC. Interested in the technical, organizational, and ethical components of design. Former design intern at Facebook.
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Hwanghah Jeong
Experience Designer @ Airbnb l SCAD 18'
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Mihika Kapoor
founder at designationconference.org •• cs student at princeton •• formerly design at facebook & vc at stripes group
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Humphrey Obuobi
Product Manager at Recidiviz. Ex. Google, IDEO CoLab, Harvard 2018.