Studying in Denmark: Sunny Odense

For my family, friends and others.

Warm days

In the last few days Odense showed us its sunny face, but It was just one of the warm things that cheered our mood.

We had chance to met lot of new friends from different corners of the world and see some beautiful places out here.

I am not usually watching sunrise… but when I watch… I catch the cold. :D

Anyway it was just small sacrifice for those heart-touching moments when sun finally rose over the horizon and touch my face with warm hands.

Colorful plants, shiny glass and concrete.

This is one of the colorful faces of The University of Southern Denmark. Big like to Mr. Architect.

Lectures: Marketing across the cultures and Foundations of strategy.

Our lectures started and we have a lot of to read and learn. But we have still enough time to take pictures of our professors.

“hard working” or just “photo composition”

Outdoor gym is great place to hang around with friends… literally.

Old friends and roommates.

One of the people responsible for that I came study to Denmark is Hanka Hnilivcova. She was my roommate during my studies at Newton College few years ago.

Girl with kind heart and smile for everybody who needs it. Thank you for all your support.

Portable grill meet up of awesome people from Czech and Slovak republic in Munke Mose park. It was very pleasant to meet you all, thanks for great time.

We look forward to all funny memories with you guys.

During a weekend we had some spare time, so we went for short trip to touch the North sea. It was salty… so we are sure that it was really sea. :D

I have made one more life-time friend that day.

Rush on free beer in Heidis

During first weeks we had to visit local pubs. First that we have tried was Heidi's bar and one of the things that surprised us here was free beer. (usually from 23–00)

Tuborg local danish free beer is not so good as Polička from Czech Republic or Šariš from Slovakia but price is pretty competitive advantage.

There is no such thing as a bad beer. It’s that some taste better than others.

Billy Carter

Besides that, we are quite busy here, we start to feel little homesick.

Best regards from Denmark

Michal & Peter

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