June’s SMB SaaS Venture Deals

Every month, we look at funding activity for startups serving the SMB space. See last month’s post here. To learn more about SurePath’s SMB focus, send us a message at info@surepathcapital.com.

SMB SaaS Startups That Raised In June

There were 35 SaaS fundraising deals in the SMB market in June, versus 33 in May.

Raise By Series

Source: Pitchbook

Largest Deals

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Average Number of Employees at Time of Raise

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Raises by Industry

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Raises by Country

Source: Pitchbook

Thoughts of the Month

After observing trends for the past six months, it is noteworthy how the count of seed stage investments is close to the number of Series A investments. However, the number of Series B investments in any individual month is significantly lower than the Series A investments. This is not surprising, as we know that most companies that raise early stage capital do not go on to raise later stage capital (companies either fail or get bought along the way).

As we continue to track SMB SaaS raises, we will provide updates every month. Every year, SurePath publishes a report on the State of SMB, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

At SurePath Capital Partners we help startups raise the capital needed to become market leaders. When the time is right, we help our clients achieve profitable, deliberate exit strategies. We only work with startups in the SaaS, e-commerce and marketplace segments. Across those segments we have a deep focus on companies serving the global SMB market. Say hello:info@surepathcapital.com

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