Swap.Online & Saturn: Technologies, Atomic Swaps, Liquidity

The Swap.Online is delighted to announce the collaboration with Saturn Black project which acts as the liquidity provider for crypto markets, over-the-counter exchange and trading platform. Our peer-to-peer cross-chain protocol will work as the main technical instrument of their service.

Saturn: Seeking for the Liquidity

Everyone who is somehow interested in decentralized exchange of crypto assets knows that the lack of liquidity is among the thorniest problems of this market. It’s really not so easy — to poach the liquidity from centralized exchanges and wallets which are already popular for years. Russia-based start-up Saturn is focused on the decentralized liquidity solutions. As it is scheduled in their detailed roadmap, they will become the trustful and user-friendly liquidity provider for traders, investors, companies and brokers in the years 2019–2020. To attain this objective, Saturn team is planning to launch the escrow service, OTC-trading platform, OTC-action design as well as the tools to accept EUR and USD in the crypto over-the-counter remittances. Also, the Saturn team issued XSAT tokens (ERC-20: XSAT) as the form of internal currency and payment tool.

Swap.Online and Saturn Black founders

Swap.Online: Powerful Back-End for Disruptive Solution

As the Saturn Team co-founder Mr. Dmitry Zykov wrote, he was fascinated by the idea of cross-chain Atomic Swaps from the very first days of this technology, the first commercial atomic cross-chain interactions between Litecoin, Bitcoin and Decred in September, 2017. Moreover, as the market maker, he experienced all the ‘surprises’ of centralized services with the money of his client blocked for the 45 days and 30 % lose. Thus, he decided to choose the Atomic Swaps protocol of Swap.Online as the technological back-end of his multi-purpose service.

Our peer-to-peer exchange instruments will be used for the interaction of different blockchains to make the operations of Saturn platform more profitable and comfortable. So, we have one more example of Swap.Online solutions brilliant B2B-developability. We share the ideas of peer-to-peer trading and decentralized crypto remittances and are very proud to make the mass adoption of these ideas possible.


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