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Swing Left
A national grassroots network of over 300,000 volunteers supporting Democratic candidates in Swing Districts with the goal of taking back the House in 2018.
Note from the editor

Swing Left is a national grassroots organization created to support progressive candidates in Swing Districts and help take back the House in 2018.

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Swing Left
We’re flipping the Senate, the White House and key state legislatures by empowering volunteers everywhere to help win critical elections. swingleft.org/medium
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Co-Founder & Executive Director of @swingleft. Dad, writer, teacher, newly minted activist.
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Matt Ewing
Chief Community Officer @SwingLeft. Former Director of Engagement @SolarCity & Founder at @ScootNetworks. Doing my best to build stuff that matters.
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Catherine Vaughan
Chief Strategy Officer, Swing Left and Co-Founder, Flippable