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Introducing The Consumer Show

Mar 1, 2016 · 2 min read

Every space that focuses on startups has a regular pitch/demo event. For example, we are huge fans of Jon Birdsong’s Atlanta Startup Village event at ATV.

Events like this accomplish so much. At a basic level, they are fantastic networking events. From a more tactical perspective, they are great pitch practice for the founding teams. And, of course, they help promote the startup community to a much broader audience.

At Switchyards Downtown Club we’ve decided to launch our own monthly event like this. As the only space in the city solely dedicated to consumer startups, we thought we should have a monthly event where a few startups pitch and people interested in consumer startups can support one another.

We are calling this event The Consumer Show because it’s only for startups that build products for consumers. We love the super nerdy, high-tech startups in town. And we love that Atlanta is quickly becoming a nationwide hub for enterprise sales applications. But the focus of SDC is “creating beautiful startups for consumers,” so this monthly event will only present what is happening with B2C startups in Atlanta.

Please sign-up here and join us at the next Consumer Show (link at top of page).

We’ll highlight five startups each month. Each one will present their business for five minutes. Then, to foster community support, each startup will spend a few minutes on two topics. The first is what the community can do to help their startup the most? The second is what they’ve done really well, so what they could give back to other consumer startups? And lastly, we’ll have five minutes of audience Q&A for each startup.

Please join us for an upcoming Consumer Show. And if you’d like to pitch at one over the next few months, please email us at

Highlight video of the April 2016 Consumer Show (80 seconds)

Switchyards Downtown Club

Creating beautiful startups for consumers

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