5 Rules for Integrating UX with Agile and Scrum

After more than a year of work, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of this joint effort between Scrum.org, Josh Seiden and myself. The Professional Scrum with UX certified class starts to answer the questions scrum practitioners from all disciplines have been asking. How does design work fit into sprints? What does “done” mean for non-software tasks? How many backlogs should we have? What is dual-track agile? All these questions are answered in the class and they are being offered worldwide now. See you there? Learn more.

(This article is a sequel to Here is How UX Design Integrates with Agile and Scrum published in October 2018. It also appeared first in my once-monthly newsletter. Sign up here and join 12k others.)

When I started my career, software came in a box. If that sounds weird to you, know that when I was a kid my dad would bring home the punchcards on which software came in the 1970’s. In…



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