Impactors — One Sentence Rules for Business Success #4

What are one sentence rules that have helped you attain success in business?

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Here are the top picks from our diverse group of respondents…

If you want to learn, listen.

Ron Wood, Ron Wood Public Relations

Make mistakes and own up to them.

Communicate powerfully.

Act with positive intentions and a sense of what is right.

Challenge yourself to offer new ideas during brainstorm sessions or research new trends that apply to your team’s work.

New ways of looking at a challenge or initiative set you apart from your peers and that idea is what becomes the catalyst for overall success.

Remain strong to your morals and ethical boundaries to build a foundation for your brand that strengthens with every decision made.

Speaking and collaborating with others who have experience in the business you want to create is the greatest way to understand how to operate your company.

Attend local networking functions to broaden your inner circle, introducing you to new people and improving your communication skills.

Candice Simons, Founder & CEO of Brooklyn Outdoor

Power perceived is power achieved.

It’s not all about how you present your product, it’s also about who is presenting your product.

Execution is key — make execution top priority.

Peter Strack, President of Alliance Reservations Network

Hire smart people and then listen carefully to their advice.

Laurie Endicott Thomas, 5-Time Author

Take your time to hire; a bad hire can break you no matter how big or small your company is.

Find a mentor early on and don’t stray away from the help they offer.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, instead try to improve it.

David Lloyd, CEO of The Intern Group

Always provide more value than the price your customer pays.

Provide the level of care that you would want to experience.

The customer isn’t always right, but they must always be heard, acknowledged, and respected.

There’s an abundance of people to serve and you can’t serve everyone, so only serve those who you can do a good job for and who will appreciate the value of your work.

Be generous with referrals — your clients will love you for providing solutions and your network will love you for bringing in business; both will be champions for your success.

Kimberly Hanlon, Co-Founder of Lucēre Legal LLC

If you don’t see your clients in person, someone else will.

Robert M Barrows

Invest in yourself first.

Hire and properly train the right employees.

Identify core values.

Avoid complacency.

Find tools to automate parts of your business.

Nurture your business community.

Identify the true problem(s), not just the symptom(s).

McCall Robinson, Content Marketing Specialist for Best Company

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