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So You’ve Decided To Become A Product Manager

A practical guide to getting started.

“I’m interested in Product Management; how do I get started?”

Transitioning from one career to another doesn’t come without its uncertainties. It certainly isn’t the easiest thing to have built expertise in one domain and have to chart the unknown waters of another. Likewise, building one’s career might seem like a daunting task, as the road ahead is long and most times is far from straight. If this sounds like you, I hope that after reading this article you’ll feel a bit more confident and armed with practical skills to better equip you for your journey.

  1. Blogs/Publications to follow: The Product Coalition, Mind the Product, The Product Plan Blog, Julie Zhuo’s The Year of the Looking Glass
  2. Podcasts to listen to: This is Product Management and Mind the Product
  3. Finding Events: ProductTank, Meetup, and Eventbrite
  4. Online Communities to join: List of 10 Product Management Slack Groups



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