Oya for users: 101

A quick and easy guide to using Oya ASAP.

Anabela Rea
Nov 10, 2020 · 3 min read

There’s no bones about it — the Oya launch is on its way!

The most significant release of our product ever, this total realignment of the backend architecture that supports apps like the Sylo Smart Wallet is sure to shake things up.

What is in the Oya launch?

  1. The ability to create your own Sylo Node and provide your own comms infrastructure to the community.
  2. A faster, smoother user experience in the Sylo Smart Wallet. It will now be just as snappy as the likes of Messenger or Whatsapp, but decentralised!
  3. A network which we can scale to support millions of users, transactions, apps, and businesses.
  4. The introduction of token staking and earning mechanics.

You can read more about Oya and what it means for you in the articles below:

Of course, the most immediate way to experience the technical developments that Oya is composed of, is as a user.

With over 250,000 users across more than 70 countries, since announcing the imminent arrival of Oya, we’ve received a tonne of inquiries from Sylo Smart Wallet users around the world asking how they can be prepared to jump on this new development as soon as it releases.

So with this in mind, following the launch of Oya, there are a few simple steps you can take to start using this fantastic new tech as soon as possible. Don’t worry — it’s easy!


  1. Keep your eyes on our social — We will shout out when Oya is ready to go! ;)
  2. Make sure you have the latest Sylo Smart Wallet version (if you don’t the app will tell you!)
  3. You will see ‘Upgrade to Oya’. Select this button.
  4. Your phone will migrate your account to Oya.
  5. Keep using your Sylo Smart Wallet, which is now swifter and smoother than ever!

That’s all.

Once you’ve made the upgrade, you’ll still have your account, funds, contacts, and chats.

Think of it like a professional team of movers shifting you into a beautiful new house — simple! Nothing for you to do but sit back and relax.


Can I set up a Sylo Node once I upgrade to Oya?

Yes. Users will be able to set up and start using their own Sylo Node immediately.

What do I do if I prefer to just be a user?

No problem! All transitioned users and new users will be automatically allocated a Node when they either upgrade to Oya or create an account. You can change to a different Node of your choice, as you wish.

Do you have any further questions about Oya?

We would love to hear from you. Send any queries to us now via DM on Twitter or Telegram.

Experience the Sylo Smart Wallet now by downloading from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

For further announcements, follow Sylo on Twitter, Telegram or visit www.sylo.io


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