What is SynergyCrowds

This article introduces SynergyCrowds, explaining the motivation of its team and development plans.

SynergyCrowds is an ambitious software technology project where we build the first platform for decentralized knowledge production. This is an open system where knowledge is produced by crowds, cutting-edge computational methods of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics using blockchain.


The crypto world is booming and so is its complexity, decision making being harder than ever, for anyone involved. All players seek reliable knowledge to make smart decisions. But accessing and using reliable knowledge is a luxury.

We see the crypto world as a permanently expanding universe of very complex ecosystems created by blockchain projects. These are generally start-ups that either create new blockchain technologies or use the existent ones, as ÐApps. Most of them are financed through ICOs/IEOs (or other recent variations).

These ecosystems are very complex because of the abundance of interactions among numerous stakeholders, sometimes having conflicting objectives.

For instance, there is an inside world, with people caught into the technology development life-cycle and there is an external world, with public buzzing around the technology. In reality, we find that each one attempts to influence the other, with arguments more or less sustained and with interests more or less legit. This brings for everyone the challenge of fighting with noise.

Related to blockchain projects, nowadays we are still living a small thing. The aforementioned ecosystems will become even more complex in the future, due to the big ambitions of entrepreneurs— like mapping the real / virtual life processes to blockchain (IoT on blockchain is merely an example).

Hence, while interacting, both technology and humans will produce impressive amounts of new data every day, forcing the limits of the decision processes for every player.

In such difficult contexts, having at all or adapting any decision process is a tough challenge — technology and communities move very fast+ increasing volumes of data to be analyzed. However, any decision process, in order to be at least applicable (not to say efficient), needs to be connected to reliable knowledge from the crypto universe.

The reliability clearly proves to be a problem and during the last years constituted a significant break for the development of the crypto world in general.

The rocket speed that was expected for the crypto world evolution by its creators and lovers around the world is threatened. Somehow, the efforts in their mission of positively changing the world were slowed down by malicious, egocentric behavior.

Giants, centralized data providers make use of their impressive resources solely for their own advantage.


Our objective is to facilitate the self-management and faster development of the crypto economy by providing crypto users with reliable knowledge for making informed and more efficient decisions.

Watch this 3min video to get an overview.

Our main technology deliverables are 1) an innovative knowledge platform and a 2) global decentralized knowledge producing network (KPN).

In this system knowledge is produced by crowds and trust is replaced by proof.


  1. Anchor the crypto world into numbers and computations and help crypto users make informed and efficient decisions.
  2. Build the first decentralized knowledge production system to provide the crypto world with advanced, decentralized knowledge.
  3. Reach the global crypto world per segment with specific knowledge, produced with cutting-edge data science methods and crowds.

The SYGON token

The SynergyCrowds platform uses the SYGON token to monetize the contributions of crowds. Read more…

Technology and concepts

At SynergyCrowds, we build the SYGON technology.

For this, we use a very unique set of concepts and technologies, in which our team has proven expertise:

  1. Crowds (of sygons),
  2. Advanced methods of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Data Analytics,
  3. Ethereum blockchain,
  4. Distributed Cloud,
  5. High performance computing.

This mix is essential for building a system that is capable of effectively delivering the crypto users with reliable knowledge for individual development.

The SynergyCrowds logo

More: discover the significance of the SynergyCrowds logo.

Thanks for reading this short description of SynergyCrowds and please note that we are open to further sharing with you details of our mission at SynergyCrowds and open long-term collaborations.

You can reach us in several ways, listed at the top of our website: synergycrowds.io

Mircea Moca, #IAmSygon

Written by

#IAmSygon so I put all my creativity and experience into building reliable knowledge for the Crypto Economy of the future. Knowledge is power!


Decentralized knowledge for cryptocurrency users. 🧠 Knowledge is power!

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