MNY As a Digital Note

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MNY is a unique type of digital note as a result of its loaded reflected valueattributes. MNY receives FUTR and FUTX as a form of payment and is made available for sale according to a price history identical to that of Bitcoin’s historical trading cost multiplied by the value of one FUTR and/or FUTX per every $10 expenditure in Fiat terms. This results in a number of different scenarios.

First of all, MNY is usually either cheaper or more expensive to purchase on an intrinsic basis in either FUTX and/or FUTR at any one time and/or depending on the amount of MNY an investor is seeking to purchase, and rarely are the two likely to compare in terms of true value. Unless both currencies are mineable via ETH at exactly the same level at the same point in time, depending on the amount of FUTR an ETH holder is looking to purchase via smart contract and/or on exchange, four purchase alternatives are possible:

1) Purchase FUTR with ETH via smart contract and mine MNY
2) Purchase FUTX with ETH via smart contract and mine MNY
3) Purchase FUTR with COE via exchange and mine MNY
4) Purchase FUTX with COE via exchange and mine MNY

MNY receives FUTR and FUTX as a unit of purchase. FUTR and FUTX are received as a unit of purchase for ETH. Therefore, MNY is a “proxy of a proxy” for ETH. The result is one where at the end of 21 million units of MNY issuance, all MNY is equally exchangeable for a like-for-like percentage sum of FUTR and FUTX that is stored in the smart contract.

Because FUTR and FUTX both store ETH in their own smart contracts, and yet much of the ETH that is stored therein is likely to become non-swappable for a long period of time as a result of the time that the ether proxy spends in the MNY smart contract (and is therefore non-exchangeable with ether for that period) the amount of ETH per FUTR and per FUTX is likely to increase a lot during the period that FUTR and FUTX are in the MNY smart contract. Thus, at the point of re-exchange, which is to say, at the point when MNY switches for the FUTR and FUTX distributed share that was used to purchase it, the amount of ETH per FUTR/FUTX received per MNY could be much greater than the anticipated 1 ETH / 34 FUTR average that is currently the case in forecast Futereum outcomes. In fact, it may well be the case that more than 1 ETH per 1 FUTR and 1 FUTX is the resultant exchange amount. Either way, with 1 MNY being exchangeable for approximately 80 FUTR, the resultant outcome whereby even the highest level of value obtainable on a per-level / cycle ratio, wherein 1 ETH is the cost of 2 FUTR, the ROI for all MNY sales is net positive.

Therefore, if we want to calculate a very simple net present value for one ether invested in either FUTR or FUTX at the point that Futereum token is invested in MNY the calculation on a discounted cash-flow basis is:

This exponent on this calculation shows the power of the MNY mining tool when used in conjunction with the FUTR/FUTX tokens. Specifically, 1 ETH with the value of $500 has a net present value automatically, merely by positioning of the FUTR into the MNY smart contract, of over $15,000. The result is a net present value gain of 29,000%, and this is discounting at an aggregate compound rate of 50% a year, an incredibly unlikely event in and of itself.

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