Syntropy Stack + Bitcoin: Blockchain Integration

Syntropy now has adoption-ready integrations for several blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Chainlink, and Elrond.

Jonas Simanavicius
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3 min readJul 27, 2021


Syntropy is a Layer Zero solution that enables decentralized connectivity between any device or technology — a critical and necessary component for any crypto ecosystem. Without technology like Syntropy, true decentralization can never occur.

The entire blockchain industry can feasibly run on top of Syntropy. Connectivity at its core becomes decentralized, with additional security (like automatic Wireguard encryption) and performance benefits (like lower latency via DARP and the NOIA token) built-in.

The more systems that adopt Syntropy, the stronger our network becomes. That’s why our team is focused on integrating our technology with as many ecosystems as possible. We recently launched integrations for Chainlink, Elrond, and Ethereum 2.0. Today we’re excited to release our latest integration with Bitcoin.

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Our Syntropy Stack solution makes it easy to start using our technology within minutes — it allows Bitcoin node runners to create and manage their infrastructure more efficiently than ever before, with immediate security advantages. Performance benefits like reduced latency and higher uptime will arrive upon full network launch and integration with the rest of our tech stack.

Blockchain integrations like this allow blockchain analysts and staking providers to set up secure and performance-optimized blockchain experiences easily. Complex node infrastructure can be established and maintained quickly, with built-in monitoring tools and security.

Using Syntropy Stack to deploy and manage a Bitcoin node.

Through our Builders program — which incentives developers to build on our technology — we’ve launched several blockchain integrations. We’ve also released several gaming integrations (including Minecraft and CS:GO), another industry that prizes optimized security and performance.

These integrations are already live. Not long ago, we hosted a CS:GO tournament with a $25,000 prize pool and a total of 32 teams. Our stream on Twitch reached thousands of unique viewers. We also managed to get players like Bymas involved in the event.

Layer Zero solution for blockchain connectivity

As with other Layer Zero solutions like Polkadot, Syntropy solves a fundamental challenge for the blockchain industry: how do we decentralize connectivity itself? Our Bitcoin integration achieves another milestone and building as much of the crypto industry as possible on Syntropy.

Alongside Polkadot, Syntropy is positioned to become a Layer Zero solution for Web3

Integrating Syntropy with other applications like gaming universes or blockchain networks provides real-time validation that our tech can improve speed, uptime, and security for millions of users, opening the doors for more partners, events, and long-term demand.

We are continually working on additional integrations, which will make it easier for blockchain systems to ride on the network, and we’re always open to feedback. If you have a technology, application, or protocol you’d like to see built on Syntropy, shoot us an email at or join our Telegram and start chatting.