Syntropy Stack + Chainlink: Blockchain Integration

Easily launch and manage Chainlink nodes with built-in security and performance optimization using Syntropy Stack.

Jonas Simanavicius
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3 min readJan 27, 2021


Following the release of our Syntropy+Minecraft integration, we’re now excited to launch a Syntropy+Chainlink integration, which makes it easy to deploy and manage secure and optimized Chainlink node infrastructure.

Our Syntropy+Chainlink integration:

  • Helps adoption—It becomes easy to deploy Chainlink infrastructure. A complex process gets reduced to a few steps. Operators can deploy dozens of nodes in minutes.
  • Increases security—Creates encrypted private connections between each and every chainlink node service in the infrastructure.
  • Improves reliability and performance — Nodes use Syntropy’s multi-provider network, ensuring stability even if one cloud provider fails. Easy service integrations make monitoring and troubleshooting fast and simple.

These advantages are applicable to most blockchain infrastructures, and additional integrations to support other networks and applications are in development.

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Syntropy+Chainlink Integration

Running blockchain infrastructure can be cumbersome. It requires a lot of setup, like launching a docker, creating directories and environment files, establishing an Ethereum client or third party, and connecting remote databases. Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting pose additional challenges.

This complexity limits the number of people who run blockchain infrastructure like Chainlink nodes. It also poses reputational risks for existing node operators. In blockchain, node consistency and reputation are paramount. All behavior is recorded. If a Chainlink node misses requests, returns bad data, or goes dark, it may no longer be used in transactions.

Given these high stakes, technology like Syntropy Stack can help reduce time and risk for participating node operators.

Watch a live demo of the Chainlink+Syntropy integration

With Syntropy, setting up a Chainlink node only requires a few commands from start to finish, most of which are simple inputs into a prompt. Much of the process is automated, with easy access to service integrations that make real-time monitoring and troubleshooting possible.

A Chainlink node operation in action using Syntropy Stack

Apart from easy setup, the Syntropy+Chainlink integration provides several additional benefits to node operators.

  • Encrypted Traffic — Built-in WireGuard tunneling provides security, stability, and performance to participating Chainlink nodes.
  • Connecting Services — To establish a Chainlink node, many services need to be connected and secured. This infrastructure, which includes firewall creation and certificates, is a lot to manage. Syntropy Agent facilitates these connections out of the box.
  • Redundancy Facilitation — Easily integrate tools like Nomad, Terraform, and Ansible to automatically set up a multi-cloud and multi-availability zone node system that ensures stability even if one cloud provider fails.
  • SmartRouting — Connections made via Syntropy Stack ride on the Syntropy network, which includes 500+ locations across 150+ providers. This allows your traffic to travel through every possible path between nearly every global cloud network, resulting in tens of thousands of unique paths, protecting your node’s reputation as a fast validator
Syntropy Stack makes the process of creating and managing a Chainlink node (shown above) easier, faster, and more secure.

We have great respect for the Chainlink team and the technology they’ve built. With such an important role in the blockchain ecosystem, we believe the Syntropy+Chainlink integration can further enhance their system’s node infrastructure.

This is just the start. Our technology can be used to secure and optimize anything connected to the internet, including decentralized applications and networks. We’re working to make Syntropy the default network for building blockchain infrastructure.

Interested in using Syntropy Stack to launch and manage Chainlink nodes? Register for access here, and be sure to join our Telegram and get in touch with our community managers. We look forward to working with you.