Syntropy Stack + CS:GO: Gaming Integration

Following our Minecraft integration, we’re expanding to CS:GO, giving gamers a secure, performance-optimized experience.

Jonas Simanavicius
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3 min readFeb 11, 2021


Syntropy technology is an ideal match for the gaming industry. Our recent Syntropy+Minecraft integration lets gamers and hosting services spin-up a secure, performance-optimized experience in minutes. Today, we’re excited to add CS:GO to the Syntropy ecosystem.

With a Syntropy+CS:GO gaming experience, players get two major advantages:

  1. Performance Optimization — CS:GO has been a global phenomenon for years, but latency issues often result in uneven gameplay, plus difficulty connecting with friends in different continents. With Syntropy, all connected players can reduce their ping times automatically. Internal tests regularly show latency improvements between 5% and 50%. Fun and fair gaming with your far-off friends gets that much easier.
  2. Protected Gameplay — All connections use WireGuard VPN tunneling between the player’s machine and the game server. This secures your computer and traffic by isolating the connection between the game server with minimal performance impact. Unprotected gameplay is a thing of the past.

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Watch a live demo of the Syntropy+CS:GO integration

The demo above was achieved by running and hosting a CS:GO tournament server via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The Syntropy+CS:GO integration allows you to quickly deploy a competitive CS:GO server using Syntropy Stack. Simply launch a Discord Bot and enter a few simple parameters to establish a private and secure network for your server, and within a couple of clicks, you are gaming with Syntropy — no advanced technical knowledge necessary.

Deployed servers run PUG server mod by default, allowing you to set up competitive, tournament-style matches. This is an ideal use case for Syntropy in the rapidly growing Esports scene.

Looking ahead

The Linux-based CS:GO integration is available now. We are finalizing an application to allow the deployment of a Syntropy Agent on Windows devices, with a MacOS application to follow. That means millions of Windows and Mac users will also be able to quickly spin-up Syntropy+Gaming experiences and more.

Facilitating the adoption of the Syntropy network is a priority for us. That’s why we’re continually adding new and easy-to-use tools that allow people to deploy applications on Syntropy Network. We’re also working to expand support for all major operating systems. Releasing Windows and Mac applications is an essential step in that direction.

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