Introduction to This Project

This “publication” is not what you’re used to seeing in a publication on Medium.

This publication is a collection of “stories” that form a book, but this book has not been finished.

This book has barely started.

This book will be written, in public, here on Medium.


Nothing stings worse than writing a book and then having to rewrite it, because you didn’t let anyone look at it.– Jeff Goins

Have you ever read a non-fiction book and while reading it asked yourself “I wonder if this author has read XYZ book…because it’s highly relevant to this book?”

Happens to me all the time. I often wonder how XYZ book would have influenced the author of the current book I’m reading, and whether or not it might have improved the current book.

I don’t want that to happen to me after I’ve published my book. I want it to happen while I’m writing my book.

I want this book to be transformational for readers. I want to collect the best data, case studies, and examples to illustrate systems of influence. If I try to do that on my own, it will require more time, and the end result will be of lower quality than it otherwise could be. If I enlist you, the public, to assist, the book will progress more rapidly, and will be more helpful to readers.

I also want readers of this working draft to be critical and offer feedback. I want you to tear it apart. I would rather discover my mistakes before the book is published than afterward.


You can provide input however you want, although I hope you’ll do it publicly so others can see it. Medium isn’t built for this, but I believe its responses features will get the job done adequately.

Note: Anything in [brackets] is my thinking, my own commentary, etc. If it’s not in brackets then it’s actual content for the book…maybe.


I’m not sure how far things will go here on Medium. It’s unlikely this is where I will complete the final draft. It’s more likely I’ll flesh out a fairly complete rough draft here, at which point I’ll take it into Google docs to polish up a final version. But who knows, we’ll see where this adventure leads.

If you’re interested in personal influence, I hope you’ll follow this publication to receive updates as I research, outline, and write my book here. I hope you’ll offer criticism and assistance. Together, I hope we can create something amazing.

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