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[This “story” will contain links to the various chapters and chapter sections of 7 Systems as they become available. It will be the place to easily access everything else. It will also serve as a basic outline for . At this stage, I am still trying to nail down this TOC. Once I do, I will move notes about each system and section to its own page or set of pages.

[Pre-systems topics: While the systems are the primary focus of the book, there is some context required. This may be put into a single chapter with various sections, or it may be necessary to divide these sections into their own chapters.]

What is a system?


  • You Have an Obligation to Be Influential
  • Benefits for you
  • Benefits for others —
  • Core values

[Re: the systems below, very open at this point to rearranging these, changing names, etc.]

: What do you want?

[We are all influencers, all the time. Some of us influence mechanically, like an animal, responding to stimuli in our environment. Others are proactive (see System 2) about their influence, but before any action takes place, there is first an idea, a dream, a vision of the outcome your influence can produce. You have a vision of how your influence will impact your children, your spouse (or desired spouse), your friends, your coworkers, your boss, your employees, customers and potential customers, your students, voters, or the public at large.

Without a Vision System you’re flying blind, sailing without a rudder, exploring without a compass, lost in Hong Kong without GPS (it’s fun, but time consuming). System 1 is how you clarify the vision and begin to chart a path towards making your dreams reality.]

: Who are you?

[Know thyself to define your personal brand. If you don’t know who you are, what makes you special, what your genius zone is, then you may merely add to the noise rather than occupy your unique place in the universe. Your Genius Zone System helps you identify your expert zones, then your genius zone, and build a personal brand tagline. Then it helps you know when to change it, when to refine it, and when to change it up entirely.]

: Who will you influence?

[Your Audience System helps you identify who you should be talking to, the message that will move them to action, and how that message should be delivered for maximum effect.]

: Without this, you ain’t no influencer.

[If there is any one system of influence where it all comes together, it’s your Content System. Everything you do is content. Your words are content. Your actions are content. Your example is content. You are constantly producing content, but is it influencing your audience in ways that match what you’ve created with your Vision System? Is your content purposeful, intentional, or are you stuck on default?]

: This isn’t going to happen on its own.

[We all know someone who says they’re going to write that book…someday. They’re going to give a TEDx talk…someday. They’re going to make a difference in the world…someday. Maybe that person is you. Influential people have an Action System that facilitates action or provokes them to repeatedly take the big leap and do something. They have a system of writing two pages of their book each day. They put a goal on the wall and read it to themselves every day. They have a content calendar. They send out 400 pitches per year to event organizers. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But the opposite is also true.]

: Increase your influence 1000x by working with others.

: If you’re not coming from a place of love, of true caring, then you’re a robot at best, a manipulator who influences through fear, fraud, and force, at worst.



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The 7 Systems of Influence

A public, in-process draft of the upcoming book The 7 Systems of Influence.

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The 7 Systems of Influence

A public, in-process draft of the upcoming book The 7 Systems of Influence.