OpenAI’s GPT Store Will Launch Next Week

AI’s highly anticipated “app store moment” immanent?

Tristan Wolff
Tales Of Tomorrow


Image: Midjourney

Ever since the first announcement this has kept people wildly guessing about the consequences of an GPT store in which people can offer and monetize their CustomGPTs, while users find highly specialized chatbots for almost any task and niche.

Now it’s time.

Next week, the OpenAI GPT store will go live.

Whether you’re creating GPTs or thinking about creating one in the future, or you’re just curious about how this will work, read on and learn

  • how to build a GPT
  • how to publish a GPT to offer & market it on the GPT Store
  • how to set up the necessary Builder profile
  • how to make your GPT compliant with usage and brand guidelines

How to build a GPT

I’ve written a complete guide on how to build a GPT and really utilize the full potential available to you:

  • from providing documents or external knowledge sources
  • to best practices for prompting & instructions,
  • dynamically handling chatbot knowledge and user input,
  • and using third-party APIs.