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Talking to the World
A One-on-One Global Conversation. Focusing On Our Commonalities, Honoring Our Differences
Note from the editor

I started this project in 2014 as a personal challenge. My goal was to see if I could speak to one person in each country of the world. Talk to them about their daily lives, world views, hopes, fears. Focus on our commonalities, rather than our differences. I assured each interviewee they could respond in any way they chose to my questions. With the help of colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors I have found people in all corners of the world who have willingly agreed to help me with this project. To protect their privacy, I identify them only by their first names. I am so grateful and constantly surprised by their words. They are a constant reminder to me that no matter where we live, we are all more alike than we are different.

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Laura Vasilion
Editor of Talking to the World (https://medium.com/talking-to-the-world). Novelist. Freelance writer. Would rather be living in Iceland.