Who comes to tea time?

Tea With Strangers isn’t generally trying to convince people that Tea With Strangers is a good idea. We already know it is. You do too. That’s why you’re here.

The audience of people that come to tea time are self-selecting. No one is forcing them to come. They’ve overcome the inertia for whatever reason. And when you host those people who have decided to come to this thing you’re hosting, you’re with people who have already said, “Yes, I’m in.”

Yes people. These are the people you would describe as thoughtful and kind. Not just “nice.” They are enthusiastic about new things. You may have met them in spontaneous or unexpected circumstances. Maybe you find them easy to open up to, or they feel comfortable opening up to you.
Yes people love to expand their minds. Perhaps they just moved to a new city or are going through a major or minor life transition, but they approach life with eyes wide open, seeing possibility and creativity in any moment.

Nobody is a “Yes Person” all the time, but everybody has an inner “Yes Person” that can be spoken to by the right things. And when people are at least trying to listen to their inner “Yes Person,” tea time is probably the best person to put them.