A brand new WordPress website — Image by author

1. Pick a good WordPress theme

Senior developers might learn a thing or two as well

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1. Java is to Javascript like car is to carpet

Say goodbye to those hard-to-build software projects by containerizing them

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  • The project requires lots of dependencies.
  • The project requires outdated libraries. Once you install those, other projects might break in turn.
  • You’re running Windows or a Mac, but the software is designed to build and run on Linux.

What is a container?

A quick overview for those already familiar with similar languages, like Java, Kotlin, C++, and C#

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Improve your productivity with these basic terminal commands

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pwd — return working directory name

$ pwd

ls — List directory contents

$ ls
AndroidStudioProjects VirtualBox VMs
Applications Desktop
Documents flutter

Please put down your coffee, just to be sure

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1. Java is to Javascript like car is to carpet

Now is the time to plant that new seed

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If you have trouble learning a new subject, try this method for a change

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Write about it!

Spoiler alert: you can, and I’ll show you how. But it’s not always advisable.

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  1. Your JSON documents, containing numbers, lists, text, geo coordinates, and all the other formats Elasticsearch supports.
  2. Binary data

This tutorial gets you started using Elasticsearch. You’ll learn how to create and delete an index, how to load data into it and perform basic queries.

Visualizing data in Kibana, image created by myself

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