Learning about AI: Where to start?

In my last blog post, I made a resolution to learn about AI. But where to start? Many of the books I found on Amazon, jumped straight into technical details, and I was afraid I would miss out on the big picture. I wanted a book that was not too simple, but not too complicated.

After much research, I finally settled on one which was just right: ‘How to create a mind: The secret of human thought revealed’ by Ray Kurzweil, which is available on Amazon for $9.74 new.

The book is amazing! It’s incredibly inspiring and a great place to start learning about the field. Ray Kurzweil, who wrote his first paper on the neocortex when he was 14, has devoted his life to researching AI and he is a fantastic writer. In my next blog post, I’ll share what I’ve learned from his book.

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