7 Levels of Using Decorators in Python

Master the most magical feature of Python

Yang Zhou
Yang Zhou
Jan 13 · 6 min read
7 Levels of Using Decorators in Python
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Level 0: Understand the Basic Concepts and Usages

What is a decorator?

get_title = add_author(get_title)

Why do we need decorators?

Editing a function many times is bug-prone. Assembling decorators when it’s needed is elegant and bug-free.

— Yang Zhou

Level 1: Wrap a Function Properly

Level 2: Apply Multiple Decorators to a Function

Level 3: Wrap a Function That Receives Arguments

def get_title(title):
return title

Level 4: Write a Decorator That Receives Arguments

Level 5: Keep the Metadata of Original Functions

Level 6: Keep It Simple — The Design Philosophy of Decorators

Keep it simple and stupid.

A design principle noted by the U.S. Navy


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