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Community Update — August 2022

👋 Hey, LUNAtics!

We are excited to be bringing you the first of many monthly community update articles on the Terra ecosystem. These articles will provide you with a concise overview of the latest happenings in the Terra ecosystem, including project updates, integrations, listings, governance proposal outcomes, media features, and more!

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Okay, enough house-keeping — let’s get into the August update!

🌎 Ecosystem Updates

  • Stader’s stake pools crossed $250k+ in TVL, offering 40%+ APR
  • Leap wallet integrated TFM’s DEX aggregator as well as Stader’s stake pools
  • TFM revamped their dashboard for both mobile and desktop with a better UI — new features include responsive design, toggle on/off low liquidity pairs, and toggle to view prices in $axlUSDC or $USD
  • TerraAliensNFT migrated to Terra from Terra classic
  • Secondary listings of LUNA Ape Club, TerransNFT, Meta Royals NFT, Skeleton Punks, and Lootopians went live on knowhere.art
  • Knowhere.art added bulk buy and add to cart functionality
  • Wicca Money, the permissionless launchpad, added a feature to airdrop minted tokens, along with the ability to add project descriptions
  • Valkyrie Protocol collaborated with Terra Poker on their IPC
  • TerRarity shipped a chart system and Discord rarity bot
  • ArbieApp added a new feature to alert users of price movements on Telegram
  • Packs launched a new flexible multisig feature
  • Hurricane Protocol went live offering private transactions on Terra
  • Pulsar Finance launched their asset management dashboard with a sleek UI
  • Illiquid Labs provided infrastructure for migrating Galactic Punks, Galactic Swamps, Lootopians, Terrametaroyals, and Terrawhales
  • Astroport activated their governance and brought major upgrades to their charts and liquidity screens
  • Pavo Finance updated their dashboard to allow users to view $VKR assets
  • Orne Protocol shared their airdrop plans to previous token holders
  • Soil Protocol shipped their first phase of their roadmap — Automated upload of IPFS, automated NFT mint, candy machine, and whitelist system
  • Galactic Punks3400+ migrated from Terra Classic to Terra
  • Redacted Money had their ICO and airdropped $RED to Ronin NFT holders
  • Zodiac Protocol announced that it is developing a LP token refraction protocol

⚙️ Integrations & Listings

  • Safepal added the ability to secure your Terra assets using their iSafePal software and hardware wallet
  • Poloniex listed LUNA/USDT and LUNA/USDD trading pairs
  • CEX.IO listed LUNA/USD trading pair

🏦 Governance Updates

  • Valkyrie Protocol’s governance proposal to offer Terra’s first dual incentives for $VKR and $ASTRO passed
  • MetricsDAO received a Community Pool grant of 136,612.02 $LUNA to build freely available, curated data and analytics dashboards, as well as educational content and token bounty programs
  • Entropic Labs, a secure on-chain source for randomness, received a 50,000 $LUNA token grant from the Community Pool to continue development
  • A proposal to airdrop 19,504,909 $LUNA from the Community Pool to users who did not receive the correct allocation of $LUNA at Genesis successfully passed. Eligible users can claim their airdrop through the claim interface. For more information on how to claim, please check out our walkthrough Medium article

🎥 Media Features

That’s all for this month’s Community Update!

As always, we want to give a huge thank you to our builders and validators for continuing to drive our ecosystem forward. We’re grateful for your support and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Terra in September!

Additional Resources

If you’d like to learn more about Terra, check out some of the resources below 👇



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