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The wait is over — Station v3 Extension is here!

For new users looking to set up a Station wallet for the first time, follow the steps in this setup guide. For existing Station users, follow the steps in this migration guide to upgrade to the new version.

Special thanks to everyone who shared Chris’ tweet — we’re glad that so many people are as excited for this update as we are to release it!

Station v3 Extension is the culmination of months of effort from the Station team, but our work isn’t done yet. In the coming weeks, we’ll release the v3 Dashboard and Mobile apps, giving Station users a world-class wallet experience regardless of the device they’re using. Read on to learn about the new features in Station v3 Extension, and what to expect from future releases (coming soon).

Extension — Noteworthy Features

The aim of Station v3 is simple: make interacting with Cosmos chains and apps as easy as possible. Users shouldn’t have to understand the intricacies of IBC transfer channels, or even know what IBC is, in order to interact on-chain. Station v3 takes the ease of use of the original Station Wallet and brings it cross-chain.

Here are some of the key features in Station v3 Extension:

  • Seamless Cross-chain Swaps and Sends: Send, swap, and receive assets across all Station-supported chains right from the Station extension, with progress tracking for peace of mind.
  • Fee Token Top-up: Have you ever accidentally stranded assets on a chain because you didn’t have the right gas fee token to move them? Not anymore :) Top-up fee tokens on any chain using other assets you have in your wallet, without leaving the original transaction.
  • Advanced Cross-chain Activity History: Understand your cross-chain transaction history at a glance. Station automatically generates an easy-to-read transaction history for every chain, with logical groupings for multi-step transactions. Full transaction details are available by clicking on individual entries.
  • Token-centric UI: If you have a token on multiple chains, you will see the consolidated balance in your Assets list, with an indicator for chain details. Click on an asset for a full breakdown. Switching chains is “last cycle”.
  • Save Your Favorite Addresses: Bookmark your frequently used wallet addresses for future transactions. Send and receive assets with confidence.
  • Enhanced On-chain Data and Reliability: Powered by Foundation, TFL’s new data infrastructure solution, Station provides users with enhanced data and reliability through scalable LCDs and indexed data.

Visit the Chrome Web or Microsoft Edge stores to download and start using Station v3.

For new users, visit the setup guide for a step-by-step walkthrough on getting started with Station. For returning users, see the migration guide for details on upgrading to v3. For Ledger users, see the Getting Started guide for instructions on connecting your Ledger.

Join the Station Discord and Telegram for real-time support.

Upcoming Releases — Dashboard and Mobile

The launch of the Station v3 Extension marks the initial phase of the Station v3 rollout. Thanks to community requests, Chris let us release it early. However, this is only a taste of the complete v3 experience. Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks, as the team crafts Station into the premier interface for Web3.

Phase 2: Station Dashboard

Following the Pulsar Finance acquisition, the Station and Pulsar teams have been working in close collaboration to build Station v3 Dashboard. The initial release will leverage Pulsar Data to track assets across 25+ chains and display rich data on validator voting power, staking APRs, and governance proposals. Soon thereafter, the Station team will implement additional features designed to help users manage their Web3 portfolios, such as a performance dashboard.

The original plan was to wait until Station v3 Dashboard was ready and release it alongside the extension. Since the extension is now live, you can expect the Dashboard to follow shortly.

Phase 3: Station Mobile (iOS & Android)

To ensure seamless and simultaneous future updates for both Station Mobile and Extension, Station’s iOS and Android apps are being rebuilt in React Native. Once Station Mobile is released, it won’t matter what device you use — you’ll have an amazing wallet experience.

Other Formats

Note: support for the Station Desktop app is being discontinued as of today. All users of the Desktop app should migrate to Station v3 by downloading the Chrome extension and migrating their wallet. View the migration guide for details.

Looking Ahead

With the release of Station v3 Extension, our team is now focused on delivering regular updates. Our immediate goal is to swiftly roll out Station v3 Dashboard and Mobile, alongside integrating new features and user experience improvements based on valuable user feedback. Users can now submit bug reports and feature requests directly to the Station team via

To get started with Station v3, download the Chrome extension or Edge Add-on, follow the steps in the setup or migration guide, join the Station Discord and Telegram for real-time support and discussions with Station community members, and let your friends know that Station v3 has arrived by reposting the announcement on Twitter/X! 🛰



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