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3 min readAug 17, 2022


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As you may have heard by now, the team who brought you is now building Tessera, a new frontier of collective ownership.

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With this recent news, we know those who built, or who have been planning to build, on, may be looking for answers about its future, so we are sharing initial details for what the introduction of Tessera means for We’re committed to getting the word out so everyone can plan around what stays the same and what changes.

What Stays The Same?

  • will continue to live as a user-friendly destination to explore, manage, and discover existing vaults and vaulted collections, retaining its most critical functionalities such as being able to buy fractions via the frontend, initiate buyouts, and claim NFTs won
  • You will still be able to vote on the reserve price for your vaults, which can still be bought out if the owners no longer wish to own their fractions. Read here to learn about reserve price.
  • New and existing NFTs that are collectively bid on and won through PartyBid will continue to appear on’s explorer

What Changes?

  • Feature updates and experience enhancements to the interface will no longer be actively developed
  • At some point in the future, will be sunset, and we will look to incorporate discovery and interaction functionalities for existing vaults somewhere within the Tessera ecosystem. NOTE: ‘Sunset’ means the frontend will no longer be available, contracts and vaults will continue to exist on the blockchain.
  • The ‘Fractionalize’ feature will be disabled and the site interface to create new vaults on will be discontinued, however anyone will still be able to fractionalize directly via the smart contract. Read here for how to do this!

A Final Note

We remain committed to doing right by all of you in the Web3 community and building towards our mission to curate the most extraordinary collective ownership experiences produced by the greatest creators, builders, and leaders.

Together we can create a world where anyone can have the opportunity to collectively own and govern things they value, without reliance on central gatekeepers to execute decisions and actions on their behalf.


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Disclaimer: Tessera, its officers, team, and community representatives are not registered advisors. All opinions shared on Twitter, Discord, or through other public channels are those of the respective individuals alone. Tesserae (rae tokens) are solely intended to increase participant access to collectable, provable ownership of digital art and their respective communities. Tessera does not condone the creation, buying, or selling fractions as a means of investment. Tessera is not responsible for how curators choose to market their NFTs. Similarly, Tessera does not create, handle, or manage the intermediary platforms, or networks through which fractions can be transferred, sold, or purchased. Publications from Tessera are solely for information and entertainment purposes only. Please consult and work directly with tax, legal, financial, and investment professionals before making any Tesserae creation, transferring, and purchasing decisions.