Introducing Tezster, a Ganache-Like Testing Tool for Tezos

Aug 30, 2019 · 2 min read
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During the last months the Tezos developer ecosystem has seen a huge boost. Many interesting projects have emerged to power the Tezos protocol.

Throughout the development of Tezsure, we observed that a testing tool would greatly ease the onboarding experience for new Tezos developers. With this project, we use our own experience with Tezos development to reduce barriers to entry for other projects. Thanks to the TQ group we were able to develop the first version of the Tezster CLI.

Tezster is a personal development javascript-based blockchain that lives entirely on your local machine. We invite everyone to test it out. It currently comes as a CLI , has log output, and the ability to run transactions or deploy contracts against a local machine node or state of a live network such as the alphanet.

You can install Tezster as an npm package with a set of easy commands. The latest version will install and start the tezos node on your local machine.

What’s next?

During development we realized that many small but user-friendly features could be added to Tezster.

Some of them are:

  1. More commands to interact with smart contracts
  2. Easy building using an emacs mode
  3. Alphanet integration
  4. GUI integration to interact with node
  5. Integration with other Tezos tools

End goals

Almost a year ago we wrote an article about how to set up a developer environment on Tezos. We have reduced all those steps to only two commands and added more functionalities to interact with a local node. Now our aim is to make the developer experience as easy and smooth as possible for newcomers on Tezos.

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Besides improving our CLI we are working on a GUI for even an easier onboarding process. We are currently testing the Tezster GUI and we can’t wait to share this in the near future.

Want to learn more about Tezsure? Stay in touch.

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