That Good You Need Part IX

August 4th, 2016

I live with 3 other guys, and we are all fairly active on Twitter. As a result, we’ll often “write tweets” for each other, as in think of something that would be funny for someone else to tweet that might not fit our voice. Other times, we’ll evolve a joke we’ve made in conversation into a tweet. Case in point, this week we were watching TV and saw a promo for Mr. Robot. After joking about Dr. Robot and Professor Robot, the following conversation ensued:

Robert Robot

Pretty good.

Between the recent political conventions, the articles associated with them, and my own personal life, there’s been a decent amount of speeches that I’ve been exposed to in the past few weeks. As most of us are aware (and if you’re not, SURPRISE!) most speeches are not written solely by the person giving them.

Speeches, since they are delivered by one person in that one person’s voice despite often involving a teams of writers, are a less obvious example of the world behind what is referred to in the biz as “writing stuff” (a technical term, I know). The reality is that an enormous amount of the scripted material presented to us is composed by any number of different individuals coming together, contributing ideas, editing, and finally agreeing upon a final product.

It’s interesting to think about someone like Barack Obama, who is most certainly an excellent public speaker, still requiring a team of professionals to curate what he’s going to say. It’s more believable to think that others don’t necessarily rely on such a common practice.

Really, I think it’s a testament to working together and being open to a process that involves criticism, editing, retreading, and sometimes sacrificing ideas or parts of a work you may be tied to. In the end, what’s better for the group is likely worth giving up something one person likes that may not fit into the larger picture.

Just something to keep in mind as you move through your life, nahmean? And now, That Good You Need.

The programmatic-creative divide persists

Courtesy of Digiday

I’ve talked about this previously, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that there are two diverging fields in marketing. This speaks about how incompatible those fields seem to be becoming, so much so that they currently are not willing to work with each other. While I believe that eventually the advantages of automated advertising will be embraced by those who fully believe in the power of creative content, and creative content will be more adaptable and reactive to the data driven nature of more automated advertising, it seems that it might be a bit of struggle to get there.

12 Tricks to Appear Smarter in Emails

Courtesy of

Corporate life is hard y’all. Thankfully, Sarah Cooper is here to help us. All of the #content I’ve seen from her has been great, but this one specifically is real joy.

RKO #OuttaNowhere


Wrestling is an exciting form of entertainment, and it does not matter that it is predetermined. EXPAND YOUR MINDS PEOPLE!

Have you ever experienced an RKO #OuttaNowhere? Have you ever seen Paul Heyman cut a promo about his client, Brock Lesnar? If not, I advise you to spend some time with this. Otherwise, at least cut to the end. It all goes down around 3:20.

How I Went from Zero Followers to 106 in Just 7 Months, and Quit My Job

Courtesy of Jeremy David

This, this here is truly an inspiring story.



Insider’s Nicholas Carlson on how to get 1.5 billion video views in a month

Courtesy of Digiday

1.5 billion video views sounds completely absurd (although it sounds slightly less absurd if begin to understand how Facebook counts “views”). Insider, an affiliate of Business Insider, has done some serious work with video, particularly on Facebook. By chasing captivating stories on intuition, then doing analysis on which stories are garnering the most interest, then applying their lessons to their future projects, Insider is riding a wave of good content and process to increasing popularity. That, and this was just plain and simple a pretty interesting interview.

That does it for week IX! Please share, comment, recommend, and complain, if you think that will make you feel better. I’m off to make millions by figuring out how to solve the automation vs. creative divide in advertising/actually just go to happy hour.

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