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The next generation of writers breaking barriers together.
Note from the editor

The next generation of writers breaking barriers together.

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Alexander Boswell
Aspiring Polymath | Freelance Writer | Business PhD Candidate | He/Him | alexanderbboswell.com
Go to the profile of Maria Angel Ferrero
Maria Angel Ferrero
Feminist, Writer, PhD, Researcher & Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship U. Montpellier, editor @thefacultypub and @thebravewritter blog: mariangelf.com
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Anirban Kar
Indian blogger published in Mind Cafe, Start Up, The Ascent. 3X Top Writer. Support me by getting a Medium Membeship: https://anirbankar.medium.com/membership
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Desiree Peralta
Turning ideas into reality. Programmer by profession, Writer by passion. Finance and self-development advice. | Get weekly money advice: https://bit.ly/3pFFWXk
Go to the profile of Vidhipssa Mohan
Vidhipssa Mohan
Learning to embrace the true joys of life. For more information: www.vidhipssa.com
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Caroline Arnoul
Writer | Marketer | Career Coach | Editor at The Brave Writer
Go to the profile of Emma Dewhurst
Emma Dewhurst
Transformational Life Coach | Actor | Mother | Founder-Editor award-winning Wow Kent magazine (2010–16) | Experience coaching with me (free call) emmadew.com
Go to the profile of Rebecca Graf
Rebecca Graf
Writer for ten years, lover of education, and degrees in business, history, and English. Striving to become a Renassiance woman. www.writerrebeccagraf.com
Go to the profile of Megan Tee
Megan Tee
Writer, Aromantic, History Buff, Fiction Writer, ENTP, Eternal Optimist and a programmer by choice of study.
Go to the profile of Mint Miller
Mint Miller
Fiction writer, blogger, book-lover, and all-around creative soul. Cannot be found without a matcha latte in hand.
Go to the profile of Julie Amidon-Conklin
Julie Amidon-Conklin
Sleepy, cat mom, dog door opener, queen of the unfinished project, coffee addict, avid reader. https://twitter.com/JulieConklin5
Go to the profile of Nicole Bedford
Nicole Bedford
Deputy Editor @An Injustice Mag, wanderlust enthusiast, and bona fide book nerd. Words in Elephant Journal, Blavity, etc. Contact: nicole@aninjusticemag.com
Go to the profile of Leo Teixeira
Leo Teixeira
Newly-wed with a baby. Writing about Culture, Language, and Travel. Occasionally I publish pieces of advice to myself about writing or put my degree to work
Go to the profile of D. K. Alexander
D. K. Alexander
A Writer who enjoys history, words, and nice food. Pet enthusiast, language lover.
Go to the profile of Darcy Reeder
Darcy Reeder
Empathy for the win! Published in Gen, Human Parts, Heated, Tenderly —Feminism, Sexuality, Veganism, Anti-Racism, Parenting. She/They darcyreeder.substack.com
Go to the profile of Jessica Ball
Jessica Ball
City mouse in a country house, training the trauma out of the family tree. Sharing 20 years of intentional observation with my kids and the eternally curious.
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Go to the profile of Lindsey Danis
Lindsey Danis
Writer. Traveler. Queer. Passionate about self employment, LGBTQ finance and the writing life. Visit me at http://www.lindseydanis.com
Go to the profile of Cynthia Marinakos
Cynthia Marinakos
Aussie Copywriter. I love rock climbing high ceilings and hiking amongst ferns. >> Free Headline Hacks email course: bit.ly/headlines-email-course
Go to the profile of Pia Tepperies
Pia Tepperies
I write about ways to change your life. instagram.com/piatepperies
Go to the profile of Meg Stewart
Meg Stewart
Freelance writer, business coach, author, software go to gal. Farm-girl at heart. Skill hoarder. Grammi of 10. Reach me at solutionsbystewart@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Jonica Bradley
Jonica Bradley
Writer/Painter/Poet/Believes in magic/nature/prays to unicorns/goat expert/bee farmer/mental health advocate/C-PTSD/jonicabradley.wordpress.com
Go to the profile of Michael Shook
Michael Shook
Thinks differently. Writes from off the beaten path.
Go to the profile of Sam Brightwell
Sam Brightwell
Editor and cheerleader for writers. LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈🇬🇧 (They/Them)
Go to the profile of Marilyn Flower
Marilyn Flower
Writer, sacred fool, improviser, avid reader, novel forthcoming, soul collage facilitator, prayer warrior and did I say writer? https://linktr.ee/marilynflower
Go to the profile of Nicholas E. Barron
Nicholas E. Barron
A farm boy turned professional writer. Publishing stories about books, content marketing, and writing. | he, him, his 🏳️‍🌈
Go to the profile of Sventome
Reading, writing and discovering the world. Editor at http://infinitepeople.ro/
Go to the profile of Cheryl Brown
Cheryl Brown
I’m a web copywriter who is an avid student of Black history, a political news junkie, and a wannabe chef that loves to cook.
Go to the profile of Leslie Wibberley
Leslie Wibberley
Proud mama/happy wife Storyteller, finding magic in the everyday world. Repped by the extraordinary Naomi Davis of Bookends Literary
Go to the profile of Renée Kapuku
Renée Kapuku
Straight-talking Londoner with a passion for personal growth. Wellness, education, lifestyle. 💌 contact@reneekapuku.com
Go to the profile of Allison Burney
Allison Burney
Freelance writer & proofreader. My mission: keep exploring, learning & enjoying this adventure we call life. Inspiring you to do the same. allisonburney.com
Go to the profile of Gregory D. Welch
Gregory D. Welch
Kentucky Poet, Scribbler & Blogger. 100,000+ views. Changing the world one scribble at a time. Let's connect: linkedin.com/in/gdwelch
Go to the profile of Dan Rojas
Dan Rojas
Dan Rojas is a philosopher, man of letters, cage fighter, and author. www.rojaswrites.com
Go to the profile of Iustina Ikert
Iustina Ikert
✍️Engaging.Effective ecommerce #Copy for your #onlinestore🛍 Buy me a ☕ https://ko-fi.com/iustinaikert 🌟Reach me on https://in-between-the-lines.com/
Go to the profile of Kovid Rathee
Kovid Rathee
I write about tech, Indian classical music, literature, and the workplace among other things. 1x engineer on weekdays. https://kovidrathee.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Vivienne Teh
Go to the profile of Oskar Woehr
Oskar Woehr
Psychology Graduate. Bringing people together to experience joy, connection, and explore purpose; want to join me?
Go to the profile of Daryl Bruce
Daryl Bruce
A freelance writer specializing in such topics as writing, productivity, self, politics, and LGBTQ+ issues. Visit him at: https://www.facebook.com/daryldbink/
Go to the profile of Petra J. Blake
Petra J. Blake
Writer. Daughter. Traveller. Writing about topics that keep me up at night. You can find me on here or petra.j.blake@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Azra Valani
Azra Valani
I write about my ex boyfriends. I bet they hate me for it.
Go to the profile of Brittany Michelle Williams
Brittany Michelle Williams
Founder of Glowvation — Empowering Women to Experience Their Ultimate Glow-up! #mind #heart #body #bankaccount
Go to the profile of Edgaras Katinas
Edgaras Katinas
Marketer | I write about marketing, money and personal development| Check out my marketing agency edgaraskatinas.com
Go to the profile of Toby Carr
Toby Carr
Fiercely average human + writer. Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/tobydcarr
Go to the profile of Ed Fernyhough
Ed Fernyhough
Marketing Manager for Scribbler, freelance writer. Cambridge & LSE postgraduate. Owner of The Retrospective. Hire me on fiverr: fiverr.com/ejvf96
Go to the profile of Ehsan Nazim
Ehsan Nazim
Helping you do more and be more with one article at a time.
Go to the profile of Sharon Turnoy
Sharon Turnoy
*Messaging Maven *Freelance Writer *Ghost- Copy- Speech- Writer *Speaker *Coach *O.G. Feminist *Pool Shark *Jazz Fan *Social Justice Activist *Cat-Owned
Go to the profile of Nicole Linke
Nicole Linke
scientist turned ultrarunner, running coach & writer nicole@nicolelinke.com // nicolelinke.com
Go to the profile of C. Valentino
Go to the profile of Kathy Lum
Kathy Lum
I’m a writer of lifestyle, health, mental wellness, and living the best life possible.
Go to the profile of Sterling Page
Sterling Page
Life is short. Chase the dream. https://lifespiritblog.com/
Go to the profile of James Cussen
James Cussen
Philosophy you can live your life by. Editor of The Living Philosophy
Go to the profile of Tan SiHui
Tan SiHui
Finding meaning in life through writing. When I’m not writing, I’m busy cuddling with my Pomeranian 🐶
Go to the profile of Kriti
Resilient | Inquisitive | Love for Words and Food
Go to the profile of Kunal Walia
Kunal Walia
27. Finance nerd by day. Writer by night. Dreamer at all times. Finding new ways to learn. Sharing more ways to grow.
Go to the profile of Taruni
Writer | Radio Jockey | Content Creator | Looking for more things to be.
Go to the profile of Marla J. Albertie
Marla J. Albertie
Life, Career, & Executive Coach. Life-Harmonizing Strategist. Blogger. Author. Want harmony in your life? Go here: https://www.truthspeakscoaching.com
Go to the profile of Jeanette Miller
Jeanette Miller
I write about life and things that entertain.
Go to the profile of Jenn P.T. Lee
Jenn P.T. Lee
On a quest for adventures, shenanigans, and empowering experiences. Administrative and coordination extraordinaire, pole instructor, and multipassionate.
Go to the profile of Julio Borroto
Julio Borroto
🧸 Stay at Home Dad🍼| Guerilla Photojournalist Expert | Content Writer | Screenwriter | Personal Finance Advice | Relationship Guru
Go to the profile of Belinda Castle
Belinda Castle
Have MS. Politics graduate. Blogger. I write about life with a disability, life in general. I survive on coffee and laughter! Find me at http://bellesdays.com
Go to the profile of Amanda Clark-Rudolph
Amanda Clark-Rudolph
Amanda is a work at home mama who contributes to various magazines and blogs. Contact her at writeonfreelancingllc@gmail.com for interview or blog articles.
Go to the profile of Carmen Fong, MD
Go to the profile of Alison Acheson
Alison Acheson
My latest book is a memoir, Dance Me to the End: Ten Months and Ten Days With ALS. My newsletter is on Substack: THE UNSCHOOL FOR WRITERS.
Go to the profile of Michael Major
Michael Major
Freelance writer, avid outdoorsman, husband, father, and a proud veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces www.majorfreelancewriting.com
Go to the profile of Ridley Cooper, PhD
Ridley Cooper, PhD
Hoping to dive deep into the human condition and come out a better person. Philosophy, economics, psychology and society. DrRidleyCooper@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Marek Veneny
Marek Veneny
I now write on Substack, feel free to join! https://thequaintpickle.substack.com/
Go to the profile of David Logan Hayter
David Logan Hayter
Writer 🖋️ International Educator 👨‍🏫🌎| Good enough at a lot of stuff and a big ninja👊 | Helping you make sense of this crazy world
Go to the profile of Crystalclearcandace
Writer, poet, gardener, life-long learner, warrior for children, lover of faerie, freedom, and joy. She/her/hers.
Go to the profile of Kristie Chairil
Kristie Chairil
9-to-5 copyeditor, 24/7 writer | the pun is mightier than the sword✍️ | currently reading: goodreads.com/kc96
Go to the profile of Phoenix Huber
Phoenix Huber
Trans girl. Beyond-human ally. I unite with members of my species for all sentient beings. Free hug: uberpath@gmail. Feed me: Ko-fi.com/phxhu
Go to the profile of Luisito Gavara
Luisito Gavara
A world traveller. From Venezuela, living in Canada, telling stories of humanity. POM (poet of medium)
Go to the profile of Njide Mkparu
Njide Mkparu
Author| Editor of 9jainformed.com| Amazon Publisher. DESPERATE for JESUS. Chat me on njidemarsbooks@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Sidharth B
Sidharth B
Sidharth - Blogger. I love writing. Love growth. Thinking new. Doing more. Did I say I am a simple guy?
Go to the profile of Teodora Maksimova
Teodora Maksimova
I write words and sometimes they make sense. Foodie, outdoor adventurer, tent lover, scented candles freak, thalassophile. Copywriter. Say hi @TeoMaksimova
Go to the profile of Cairo Walker
Cairo Walker
Analyst brain through the lens of an artist. Award-Winning Digital Marketer | Business Founder, Writer & Speaker. People-first approach to Tech, UX, Millenials.
Go to the profile of Helen Hazelmare
Helen Hazelmare
Writer of cautionary tales and curated essayist. Maker of stuff & things at brownhorseherbal.com. (she/they + we/our/ours)
Go to the profile of Samantha Blake
Samantha Blake
Making a change through the power of human connection. Relationships, feminism, personal growth. Get in touch: https://deft-innovator-8990.ck.page/0af6eac554
Go to the profile of Shiv j
Shiv j
▪️writer▪️ designer▪️experimentalist▪️ that introvert girl who never shuts up in her mind.
Go to the profile of BlogZ
Go to the profile of Silvi Demirasi
Silvi Demirasi
Copywriter, bibliophile, and part-time creator of things (see: www.sproutandspice.com) Contact silvi@sdcopywriter.com for inquiries.
Go to the profile of Morten Waage
Morten Waage
Husband, father of two, aged teacher and spare time writer.
Go to the profile of Andy Lau, MBA
Andy Lau, MBA
Business, Marketing, & Productivity. Contact: andylau.biz@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Ashwin
Happy Chap| Passionate reader, writer | Good motivator |Crazy thinker| Like to think beyond limits. Great love towards Nature.
Go to the profile of T. Mark Mangum
T. Mark Mangum
For the serious reader. Short, compelling fiction for the serious reader. I use Imagination, wonder, and surprise to create my tales. Please Enjoy reading them.
Go to the profile of Ruchama King Feuerman
Ruchama King Feuerman
Novelist and writing coach. My book “In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist” is available on Amazon.
Go to the profile of Alexander M. Combstrong
Alexander M. Combstrong
Research-backed ways to change your life for the better. Out now: The Confident Introvert’s Handbook. Actor/screenwriter. Forge, Better Humans, Mind Cafe.
Go to the profile of Nicole Bloomfield
Nicole Bloomfield
I help aspiring writers publish best-selling books, monetize blogs, and earn writing credentials while developing a growth mindset at http://thewritercenter.com
Go to the profile of Alessandor Earnest
Alessandor Earnest
Dev Editor/Writing Coach | So great at what I do that one of my writers has a tattoo of my face—not sayin where. TheImpofEditing.com/hello
Go to the profile of Andrew McNeal
Andrew McNeal
I have been passionate about history, cars, and writing since I was a child. Find out more here: https://medium.com/illumination/introduction-andrew-mcneal-3ff2
Go to the profile of Carine Ru
Carine Ru
Mental Health / Psychology, UX / Marketing, and Self. Get unlimited access to Medium and support my writing: https://carineru.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Holly McKie
Holly McKie
Writing about writing (and books. lots of books). Creative Writing masters student. Contact: hollymckie@hotmail.co.uk
Go to the profile of Abbas Naqvi
Abbas Naqvi
Borderline Smart.
Go to the profile of Ivonne Kristiani
Ivonne Kristiani
Open culture advocates. Avid podcast listener.
Go to the profile of Woelf Dietrich
Woelf Dietrich
Reader, Writer, and non-practicing lawyer. Nominated a couple of times for the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Speculative Fiction. 2017 SJV Award finalist.
Go to the profile of HouseofNirvan
Go to the profile of Rosa Diaz
Rosa Diaz
Solo wanderluster and self-improvement enthusiast. Sharing ideas, theories, adventures and views. Blogger at www.bloggerwidow.blogspot.com
Go to the profile of Ardsheer Ali
Ardsheer Ali
Reader, writer, and everything in between.
Go to the profile of Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller
Yin & Yang | Happy. Positive. Tech Savvy. Writer. Leader. Magnetic Person. Living Human Being. Dreamer.
Go to the profile of Eric Sentell
Eric Sentell
I write about religion, politics, culture, and their intersections. 👉Want unlimited Medium reading? https://ericsentell.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Laura Bongers
Laura Bongers
Freelance Writer & Content Creator. Sharing thoughts on self-improvement, writing, and life! Infatuated with coffee and cats:) noblewriting.substack.com/
Go to the profile of Anchal Sood, PhD
Anchal Sood, PhD
A scientist’s brain and a writer’s heart. I can’t change your life but my life stories can.
Go to the profile of Sarah Musick
Sarah Musick
Freelance Writer. World Wanderer. Check out my writing at www.contentbysarah.com. Reach me at sarahmusick@contentbysarah.com
Go to the profile of Hollie Petit, Ph.D.
Hollie Petit, Ph.D.
Writes about fun, spirituality, positive psychology, creativity. https://www.holliepetit.com/. Editor of Everything Fun https://medium.com/everything-fun
Go to the profile of Kabir
This part of me writes about startups, founder stories & technology. Check my other medium profile for articles on art & culture. https://kamnakabir.medium.com/
Go to the profile of Faiz Ali Khan
Faiz Ali Khan
Doing ACCA, Accountant & entrepreneur—enthusiastic about reading, writing.
Go to the profile of Eglė Račkauskaitė
Eglė Račkauskaitė
Living my best life in the Canary Islands | Freelance writer passionate about FemTech and freelancing.
Go to the profile of Paul Fairbairn
Paul Fairbairn
Editor and bestselling author of horror/thriller/sf novels. Failed rock god and world-class procrastinator. And lion tamer. Visit me at paulfairbairn.co.uk
Go to the profile of Megan Ng
Megan Ng
Life is a series of experiments and Medium is the one you’re reading about. megan.ngkp@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Lee J. Bentch
Lee J. Bentch
I am an author, a technology guy, a grandad, a widower, and a man with many interests. I write to inform and entertain. Email: lee@lbentch.com
Go to the profile of Alice Toneatto
Alice Toneatto
🇮🇹 bookkeeper & content creator. Food addict, animal lover & solo traveler. I write about money, food, travel & human behaviors
Go to the profile of Mona
I like to talk about self-development, mindful living, and social impact || Japanese born, Singapore raised, London based.
Go to the profile of Nicole Campbell
Nicole Campbell
Fan of complicated song lyrics, pink lake sunsets and intelligent conversations. Daughter, Mama, Teacher. Vulnerability matters. wordsmithery858@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Ashley Broadwater
Ashley Broadwater
Freelance writer on multiple platforms. On Medium: writing tips + relationships. UNC-CH Journalism + Media. Newsletter + more: www.linktr.ee/ashleybroadwater
Go to the profile of Laura Kreuz
Laura Kreuz
Crazy millennial who wants to change the world and loves writing. I write about marketing, relationships, and life.
Go to the profile of Peter Middleton
Peter Middleton
Here to serve the shift in human consciousness.
Go to the profile of Alexanne Oke
Alexanne Oke
I work at a marketing agency called London Road Media where I specialize in copywriting, social media management, and ideation.
Go to the profile of Sarene B. Arias
Sarene B. Arias
Tantrika & Hands-on healer. Sexy community at orgasmic.substack.com. Support me by being a paid member: sarene.medium.com/membership 👋🏼 sarene.arias@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Abena Talks
Abena Talks
Entrepreneurship +Lifestyle Writer Founder Pink Intrigue + Freshlight Media. Contact me intriguework@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Lady Jade
Lady Jade
Nineteen • Lean, Mean Writing Machine • Photographer • Music Enthusiast • Avocado Fan • History Geek • Animal Lover
Go to the profile of Willda Atienza
Willda Atienza
Social media manager | Co-Founder of Tartarus Games
Go to the profile of Bronté Bettencourt
Bronté Bettencourt
Graduated with an MFA in Writing Children and Young Adult Literature. Full-time D&D and YouTube connoisseur. I also love coffee ~ https://ko-fi.com/elliebronte
Go to the profile of Aminah Ashraf
Aminah Ashraf
whatever comes to mind.
Go to the profile of Tonte Bo Douglas
Tonte Bo Douglas
🚀 THE NFT Copywriter 🚀 | www.tontebodouglas.com
Go to the profile of Remy Awika
Remy Awika
Student of the Mysteries, inspired by creativity and happiness. Sharing Love, Light and Wisdom. Pick my brain remy.awika@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Vincent Van Patten
Vincent Van Patten
Exploring what lights my soul on fire ❤️‍🔥 Currently living in Lisbon, Portugal // vincentvanpatten.com
Go to the profile of Mian Hassnain
Mian Hassnain
I’m an enthusiastic writer who loves writing about Productivity, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship.
Go to the profile of Haneen AbuFarha ✍🏼🇵🇸
Haneen AbuFarha ✍🏼🇵🇸
Status quo Antagonist | Diversity Sourcer | 20+ Cities Traveler | Published in TheStartup, The Ascent & DDI | Palestinian🇵🇸 | Let’s chat: http://bit.ly/LNKDMD
Go to the profile of Ahsan Chaudhry
Ahsan Chaudhry
I Love to write because I want to share the solution to the problems I faced. Twitter: @ahsan398 . Instagram https://bit.ly/3jrdzpo Web: https://thehappyminded
Go to the profile of T.J.Parker
My not so random reviews and thoughts
Go to the profile of LHB's Writing Workshop
Go to the profile of Sabah Ismail✨
Sabah Ismail✨
A writer, artist & seeker exploring the world around me & the Universe within me. Expect words on healing, spirituality and all that comes with being human.
Go to the profile of Shaun Wetzel
Shaun Wetzel
Just a man writing about life's fascinating experiences. Striving to educate my readers as we all search for the meaning of life. Let's learn together!
Go to the profile of Saurabh Adhane
Saurabh Adhane
Writer and software Engineer also loves photography and solo Travelling
Go to the profile of Dr. Nicole Janz
Dr. Nicole Janz
I help authors get unblocked and finish their books. Contact me for a free consult at nicolejanz.com.
Go to the profile of Taylor Foreman
Taylor Foreman
Lost southern boy shooting the breeze. Creativity takes courage, but the creative life is possible. taylorforeman.substack.com
Go to the profile of Steve QJ
Steve QJ
Race. Politics. Culture. Sometimes other things. Almost always polite. Find more at https://steveqj.substack.com
Go to the profile of Barbara King
Barbara King
Fiction Writer and Medium blogger. Author of Loving Ana a YA Psychological Thriller releasing October 2022. Daily posts from writing advice to book reviews.
Go to the profile of R P Gibson
R P Gibson
Freelance writer of history and humour. Sometimes other stuff. I’ll never use a semicolon and you can’t make me. Click this: https://therpg.medium.com/subscribe
Go to the profile of Guy D. McCardle
Guy D. McCardle
Former Army officer. Internet writer with 110M+ views — Published in Business Insider, Apple News, and Medical Daily. Using words to change lives.
Go to the profile of Nusrat Nisa
Nusrat Nisa
A lover of books and drunk on dreams. An introvert writing about life, books, movies, and personal development. IG: https://www.instagram.com/thegrimreadr/
Go to the profile of Lucia Siochi
Lucia Siochi
Artist at heart, Technologist by trade. Lover of cats, coffee, and life.
Go to the profile of Tania Miller
Tania Miller
Exploring the potential of our mind and how perception, awareness and the arts impact human experience. Orchestra conductor, performer, writer. taniamiller.com
Go to the profile of Sumaiya Nacimulgani
Sumaiya Nacimulgani
A mommy blogger, writer & passionate mother of two lovely boys!
Go to the profile of Jeff Syblik
Jeff Syblik
Jeff is a content writer and copywriter who gives a refreshing voice to the topics of career reinvention, creativity, teaching, mental health, copywriting…etc.
Go to the profile of Nihan Kucukural
Nihan Kucukural
Turkish screenwriter. I help writers understand story structures so they can write better stories. I analyze Story Bones on The Writing Cooperative.
Go to the profile of Melissa Coffey
Melissa Coffey
Australian published writer & poet. Freelance editor. Writing on pleasures of the text. Finding my tongue on feminist ideas. Drunk on metaphors. 2x Top Writer.
Go to the profile of Katie B
Katie B
Re-humanising self discovery, relationships + living a life that’s authentic to you. INFJ / HSP. Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/uncoveryou
Go to the profile of Katie Grant
Katie Grant
Mom | Ghostwriter | Journalist | Top Writer in Parenting | The Ascent, Good Men Project, Publishous “I find the story. Fast.” www.katiegrantwriter.com
Go to the profile of Dipendra Neupane
Dipendra Neupane
Ambivert computer-engineering student who loves to write about free stuffs, marketing and writing. Also an aspiring web developer
Go to the profile of Dianne Sullivan
Dianne Sullivan
Obsessed with personal growth, personal finance & running. Figuring out my path to financial independence. thegrowthwriter.com
Go to the profile of J.R. Flaherty🌱
J.R. Flaherty🌱
On a journey to be more green in work and life 🇪🇺 welcome to my kinda incunabula
Go to the profile of Anna Klawitter
Anna Klawitter
✏️Content Writer | 😍 Marketing Obsessor | 🐶 Dog lover
Go to the profile of Verity Partington
Verity Partington
A writer and author of crime thrillers living in the UK. Partial to books, stationery, papercrafts and walking. You can find her books on Amazon here: https://a
Go to the profile of Vishnu*s Virtues
Vishnu*s Virtues
Let’s achieve our writing dreams together | Topics: writing and relationships | Californian, Malaysian| 750K+ Med views. Blog: https://www.vishnusvirtues.com/
Go to the profile of Ananya Pathak
Ananya Pathak
Writer. Reader. Traveller. Foodie. Student...basically a very disorganised multipotentialite navigating life as one.
Go to the profile of Scott Leonardi
Scott Leonardi
Road to 1000! Paddling into the alphabet ocean, lookin’ to be a true scuba. Writer of stories, screenplays, poetry and more. All found at mossmansupreme.com
Go to the profile of Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller
Best-selling author of the Milligan Creek Series, the Uncanny Icons Series, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. See more at www.kevinmillerxi.com.
Go to the profile of Tarun Kohli
Tarun Kohli
Founder & CEO of quovantis.com, an avid book reader and a student for life.
Go to the profile of Edith Sam
Edith Sam
I’m a muser, a big believer in the universe and love to explore intricate ideas under the sun. Read more @ www.crumpledticket.com
Go to the profile of Mitchell G.
Mitchell G.
Interested in: history, philosophy, psychology, evolution, and zen-buddhism. https://twitter.com/G_Mitchell23
Go to the profile of Amy Knight
Amy Knight
Wordsmith . Storyteller . Poet . Collaborator . Listens to what human hearts are whispering and sings it out of the window at sunset. IG: @amyknightwriter
Go to the profile of George Blue Kelly
George Blue Kelly
A Nigerian storyteller living in Sicily.
Go to the profile of Murad Zamanov
Murad Zamanov
A curious individual with a digital mindset. Love typing.
Go to the profile of Fatma
Photography, film, stuff to see and think about
Go to the profile of Olivia Petris
Olivia Petris
Novelist, computer scientist and cockapoo owner. When I'm not on the computer, you will find me in the back of a bookshop that nobody's heard of.
Go to the profile of Kirsty Hayden
Kirsty Hayden
From Ireland, currently living in London. Avid reader, writer and animal lover (especially my two adopted cats) and I love exercising and cooking.
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Becca Grant
Writing for people who want to learn. Figuring out life one step at a time. Owner of Crispin & Co at Etsy. etsy.com/shop/crispinandco. beccagrant.co.uk
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Julia Appa
Just a 22-year-old BA English student who’s obsessed with writing. Instagram: juliaminus_romeo
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Top 2x writer| Write on personal development, History, Psychology, Relationship, and Writing. join Medium Via this https://israrkhan1112.medium.com/membership
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Jerine Nicole
Multipassionate Creator. I write stories about how I explore life to inspire others. Newsletter on simple and Intentional living -> jerinenicole.substack.com
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Colton Tanner Casados-Medve
“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” — Joseph Campbell
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Azim Rushdi
Ironic, but iconic. Stories connect people, but authenticity makes them fall in love.
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Nishi Kashyap
Doing what I HAVE to…to do what I WANT to
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HR Professional with a forever passion for writing.
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John Verset
Skimming the 'fine' lines of society. Sceptic, Introspective, and an Inquisitive person who loves writing.
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Talya Adams
Writer. Youtuber. Photographer. Thinker. https://linktr.ee/talyaadams
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Ellie Levenson
I am a writer and lecturer based in the UK, writing for adults as Ellie Levenson and for children as Eleanor Levenson.
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Clement Brian
I write. My aim is to help others and positively impact the world. Personal website + resources: https://clementbrian.com
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Janay Wright
Draws on her human experience to explore ideas related to everyday life, personal growth and social justice. Editor at Found In Journal. IG: janay_wright_writes
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Chris Wojcik
writer. martial artist. thinker. for more: https://chrismwojcik.substack.com
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René Chunilall
Sharing the lessons I learn on my journey towards self-mastery | I post videos on Instagram too: https://instagram.com/omni_rene
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Jack D. Paisley
a reader who writes; sharing ideas inspired by the works of the greats.
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Rick Govic
Author: Content Titans -> How to Create 6 Figures in The Digital Economy. Read on Amazon. Free on Kindle. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09YQ33TDJ
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Shruti 🦋
An unshakable optimist with an undying passion for writing. Relationships, self-improvement, women.
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Rose Butcher
Cyber mess
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Mindsmatter is written by Bola Kwame, Jack Graves and Emma Buryd. De-stigmatizing mental illness one day at a time. Our socials: https://linktr.ee/Mindsmatter
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Vidhipssa Mohan
Learning to embrace the true joys of life. For more information: www.vidhipssa.com
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Xenia Wucherer (she/her)
Always searching for equality in stories | Always Learning | Intersectional Feminist | Writer | More articles + editing tips on my blog https://equal-writes.com
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Stefan Stoykov
A Bulgarian in Frankfurt, Germany/ BA in American and English Lit