How Philosophy (and Religion) is Related to Mathematics

Both analyze the story of ‘one.’

Mathematics and religion (philosophy).

Everybody has a religion. For some, it’s organized. For others, not-so-much. For some it goes back to ancient times. For others, it has to do with modern times. For everyone, religion stems from a person’s relationship to self. The personal (self) and its (circular) relationship to the universal self (also known as nature) (often known as light). Many names to describe the identity of one. One and not-one. One and other-one. One and universal-one. Complementarity is the basis for identity, because duplicity is the basis for a unit (all systems, disciplines).

That is, a person understands, and believes in, self using a mathematical structure called complementarity. Meaning, for any person, X is X because X is-not X’. This is the law of identity. It is also how philosophy (and religion) is related to mathematics.

In order to interact with nature, man drew pictures on cave walls. These pictures helped nomadic tribes to figure out when, and where, to hunt. Or, plant. Or have sex. All of these were (and are) based on movement of the sun. The original philosophies all around the world had to do with man and his understanding (could be characterized as worship) of nature, and the sun. And-or, also, the understanding, or worship, of light. Light was (and is) the necessary constant for a human’s survival. Dictating the circular relationship between a variable and a constant, universally (reproduction and survival).

Light has always been known to man (and all creatures) as a constant in nature. Because without light, nothing else flourishes. Meaning this was the original motivation for man and religion (philosophy). Where man and light were separate objects, yet intrinsically (intuitively, and intelligently) related. Therefore, we understand (intellectually, and, also intuitively) today, light and man are separate, yet joined. One is necessary for the other. One shares a circular relationship with the other.

This separation and joined relationship goes back to mathematics. Again, X and X is X and X’. That is, once we name the sun ‘sun’ and man ‘man’ we have separated sun and man. Also, philosophy, and-or religion, and mathematics. We can go one step further, now, to see that philosophy and religion, and man and mathematics (also man and philosophy) are joined and separated by a circle (also known as sun). Because X and X, and, also, X and Y, and, also, X and X’, are joined, and separated, by a line, diameter, and circumference, of a circle. Diameter and circumference of the sun.

And that’s why, today, people are worshipping mathematics (and technology) instead of philosophy (or religion). Or, mathematics (and technology), in addition to philosophy (or religion). Where mathematics, technology, philosophy, and religion, are all joined, and separated by a circle (originally, and oftentimes, called the sun) (or light).

So, there it is. The basis for technology. Ancient religion. Man. Philosophy. Mathematics. And nature. All rolled into one (and not-one). Zero and one. (Circumference and diameter).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.