A Modern ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’

Donovan is a dinosaur — a T-rex, to be more accurate.

Fresh out of dino college, his future is uncertain but exciting. So many opportunities, so much potential, the possibilities are endless. The world is his oyster, they say.

They seem to say a lot of things.

When it comes to love, Donovan is as hopeless as any contemporary protagonist. Characters who have it all figured out are boring — they need room for growth.

Donovan had a fling during the first few months of senior year, but it was nothing serious. Like his past few relationships (and his sexual exploits in general), it didn’t last long. She was a Brachiosaurus from the volleyball team; they’d met in a Shakespeare class. Though she happened to be a little big for his taste, her mind was what first attracted him.

Donovan’s professional life is following a similar path. He has a part-time job he’s been working for about six months, and he’s not sure if he wants anything full-time yet. While most of his friends have cool jobs lined up right out of dino school, Donovan might want to enjoy the summer one last time.

He also has one BIG problem: he has no idea what he wants to do or who he wants to be in today’s world.

Help write Donovan’s story.

While vacationing with his family on the lovely beaches of the Jersey Shore, Donovan receives an email from his employer. The company has decided to lay him off.

Surprised and infuriated, Donovan slams his smartphone into the ground. To his parents’ dismay, the dino son who’s always been so cheerful spends the remainder of their beach getaway brooding like the British actor in Netflix’s Daredevil series. Donovan’s younger sister, Delilah, can’t even cheer him up with her silly dance moves and all-around clumsiness.

When Donovan returns from his family vacation, he heads to the Cave Mall to replace his broken phone. Waiting for an employee to help him in the store, Donovan spots the most beautiful Stegosaurus he’s ever seen.

A. If you think Donovan should walk over to the Stegosaurus and introduce himself, click here.
B. If you think he should play it cool and act aloof, click here.
C. If you think he should say, “BUMP THAT!” because of the long wait and leave the store, click here.

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  • All images via Pixabay