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Fairy Tale Fashion

I’m not going to lie, I have a poor fashion sense, but it’s one of my strengths.

I have those mornings, moments where I sift through and stare at my closet, waiting for a color to pull my eye. Except, as my fingers dance between hangers and fabrics and snag on collars, I’m fully aware of the fact that today’s pursuit is no less hopeless than yesterday’s.

Why do I even try? Like I was even going to wear anything besides jeans and a tee.

I’m a lost cause.

I grab the first two socks my hands can grasp. I notch my belts on my side.

Like a scabbard.

I often wish it were a scabbard, a sword sheathed within, forged of magic and dragon fire and the trapped souls of my enemies.

My shirt some solid color, anything from red to green or just black, and my jeans a crumbled mess sitting exactly where I left them the day before.

Is it peculiar that I have a terrible habit of not washing pants and jeans often enough?

I honestly don’t even know what “often enough” is for pants and jeans. It’s like I have an inherent sense and desire to wash all shirts and socks and jammies and boxers after every wear, but I’ll go weeks before I feel the need to wash jeans.

But then I’m dressed and ready to go and couldn’t care less that one sock has pirates on it and the other stegosauruses.

On this week’s episode, Ruru Wong talks about her passion for fashion and how it, more than anything, is about what pleases her and not what the world around might find appealing. It’s a simple message, but one that the marketplace would sooner have you forget. I love dressing up in a tie and coat and do so often, but for the rest of the time, it’s a dragon-patterned polo and bright running shoes.

Listen to this week’s episode, Fashion, Kissing, and Painting:

Written by Nizar Babul of Comatose.

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