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Argentina Needs Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Cash

Economic Recovery Will Demand More Than Dollarization

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Is Bitcoin ($BTC) an alternative to the failures of fiat in Argentina or anywhere else?

At this stage, everyone is probably thinking that Argentina will adopt Bitcoin.

At least, this is what the Bitcoin BTC proponents (BTC maximalists) suggest.

However, there’s a misconception regarding the prevalent, in capitalization terms, version of Bitcoin (BTC).

Is the BTC version of Bitcoin working for the people and scaling to achieve mass adoption?

The BTC version of Bitcoin will never reach mass adoption as the solutions proposed since 2015 (Lightning Network and other sidechains) are not working either!

However, there is an alternative that actually never diverted from the original intention of Bitcoin, the Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

BTC And The Lightning Network Hoax

Fun fact: people were warning about the direction BTC was taking, and explaining how LN would never achieve meaningful adoption.

The Bitcoin community contained rational computer scientists who suggested ways to scale, but they were ostracized instead by the part of the project that assumed control of developments (Blockstream).

Here is the historical chart of Bitcoin (BTC) fees:

Blocksteam (a company funded by banks and financial institutions) captured Bitcoin’s developments as early as 2015 when it was the time for Bitcoin to upgrade and succeed as permissionless money.

The upgrade went through in 2017, but the community split.

The “big blockers” proceeded with Bitcoin Cash following the directions of Bitcoin’s founder.

Bitcoin Cash: The Bitcoin That Works

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We have a Bitcoin that works as everyone would expect.

The Bitcoin version that works is Bitcoin Cash:

  • No RBF
  • No Segwit
  • 0-conf with double-spend proofs
  • Fees lower than a penny
  • 21 million fixed supply
  • Decentralized network offering censorship-resistant transactions
  • Decentralized mining
  • Decentralized developments and implementations
  • Support by merchants, wallets, exchanges, and services.

Bitcoin Cash proposes a permissionless monetary system. It already presents demand with financial hubs of adoption in places like Caracas, Townsville, and St. Kitts, but also in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Groups dedicated to financial freedom and decentralized P2P Cash operate in Argentina and educate merchants, businesses, and consumers.

In Conclusion

The version of Bitcoin that scales and works without complex procedures or issues is Bitcoin Cash.

To draw a definite conclusion any test has to contain both versions of Bitcoin (BTC and BCH), as the El Salvador results of LN adoption had been awful with centralized wallets and users’ funds at the hands of financial institutions.

Peer-to-peer electronic cash becomes financial freedom by canceling trusted third parties, but the Lightning network brought all of them back.

It is our duty to recommend non-custodial wallets, but apparently, the system around Bitcoin (BTC) decided to support centralization for this matter.

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