The Five Best Overwatch Stat Websites, Apps and Tools

With 30 million players and counting, an ever-growing universe and a keen fanbase desperate for stats as they play competitive mode.

The details some of these websites go into is insane, allowing for comparisons vs other players, medal stats, life time stats and win rate trend graphs.

If you love data and you love Overwatch, this is heaven.

You’ll find the majority of these are very similar in what they tell you, and always take the exact statistics with a ‘pinch of salt’ because they will never be truly accurate. But looking from a trend perspective (“Am I getting better or not?”) then these websites and apps are perfect.

Update July 2018: The below stat websites and apps will no work unless your profile is public. You can change this in Overwatch by going to Option > Social, then restart Overwatch.

Overbuff —

My personal favourite website for your stats.

Overview — it is what it says it is, an overview of all your most played heroes, roles and lifetime stats

Heroes — An overview, combat statistics, elimination details and medals per game

Records — Information such as highest averages per game, highest in a single game and highest per life

Trends — Shows graphical data such as skill rating (SR), win rate percentage, eliminations, objectives kills, objective time, damage, healing and deaths

The detail that Overbuff allows you to go into is brilliant and even has hidden stats that allow you to see how many hours you’ve watched loading screens, how many basketballs shots you’ve made and your total wasted ultimates (don’t ask me how they work those out…).


My favourite app and one I use on a weekly basis. It not only provides stats per character and per gaming session, it is also a perfect assistant in-game with its ‘pick your hero’ option. This section provides tips but also heroes strengths and weaknesses vs other heroes.

Oversumo on Android

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Overwatch Tracker —

Another great website to track your Overwatch play (and make you feel like you spend too much time playing the game).

I love the little bar along the top that splits your usage into offence, defence tank and support.

Master Overwatch —

If you are not a fan of the above three options, then Master Overwatch is a great option to see your overall performance across all games and individual characters.

Bonus Round:

Overwatch’s own statistics are a less attractive way of seeing what all the other websites present, but can act as a better way to see the stats you may look at in-game.

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Written by Mark Longhurst.

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