No Need To Apologise. Sweden Has A New Eurovision Champion!!!

Melodifestivalen has to be one of the best Eurovision pre selection shows period! I would even say that it’s sometimes better than Eurovision itself. So before we go into who will be representing Sweden this year, let’s look back at the key moments of each semi final, the amazing Andra Chansen round, my top 5 songs of the competition and of course the winner!

Recap: Melodifestivalen Semi Final 1

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The final Samir & Viktor — Bada Nakna song is above. Well worth the view as they take off their pants!!!
  • Robin Bengtsson — Constellation prize: It took us to a tropical pop island where all you wanted to see was Robin shirtless whilst he plays that harmonica.
  • Ace Wilder — Don’t worry: She came in with a pow! With some awesome staging and a really fun, catchy song. Automatically knew she would be a favourite and do well within the final.
  • Samir & Vikor — Bada nakna: The boys came out with their usual swagger and dance/pop tune and then made every gay man and woman lick the screen as they took their tops off and danced in a small pool of water. I still can’t believe on how many Spotify listens and YouTube views this song has received, very much a crowd favourite but doubt the judges will send them to Eurovision.

Recap: Melodifestivalen Semi Final 2

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  • The competition: I still think this round was the fiercest of them all. So many good songs with some upsets as to who went into the final.
  • David Lindgren — We Are Your Tomorrow: Was a song I had high hopes for, but was instantly disappointed as it was the same thing David Lindgren has been doing since his first Melodifestivalen attempt.
  • Wiktoria — Save Me: A great song with an amazing performance. You couldn’t take your eyes off her and love the toe tapping end when the song goes into hyperdrive. So brilliant.
  • Isa — I Will Wait: Wow, wow, wow!

Recap: Melodifestivalen Semi Final 3

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  • Oscar Zia — Human: A big pop anthem with great camera editing and a powerful message. One of the better songs from an average semi final.
  • Lisa Ajax — My Heart Wants Me Dead: She had a stage full of toilet paper falling from the sky! Oh yeah her song was also really good.
  • SaRaha — Kizunguzungu: Where did this song come from? After watching it I gave it a 3, after many listens in the car or at work I’m now gonna bump this up to a 4. It’s catchy as all hell if you give it a go.

Recap: Melodifestivalen Semi Final 4

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  • Panetoz — Håll om mig hårt: The biggest party anthem of the entire competition. Big tune, high energy performance and they get beamed to the stage via teleporter. Yassss!
  • Molly Sandén — Youniverse: The biggest draw card of the competition comes out swinging and nailing a fantastic song. What a performance and what a brilliant/interesting way to end the song.
  • Dolly Style — Rollercoaster: I didn’t rate this song highly but it is fun, catchy and has cotton candy Katy Perry hair.

Recap: Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen

Three words: Isa was robbed! But after listening to SaRaha’s song on Spotify I now understand why Sweden loved it so much. Still think Isa’s song deserved to be on that Stockholm stage for the final, but oh well.

My Top 5 Melodifestivalen Songs!

Since the competition is now over and the winner has been decided (Which you’ll find below), here are my top 5 songs from Melodifestivalen 2016. They are ranked based on awesomeness, how many times I’ve listened to it on Spotify and times I’ve discussed the song with friends.

#5: Molly Sandén — Youniverse

That final part to the song is too amazing not to be within my top five. Plus it’s just an epic song.

#4: Robin Bengtsson — Constellation prize

The way he stares into your soul with those gorgeous eyes, plus he plays the harmonica during his performance.

#3: Ace Wilder — Don’t Worry

Catchy as all hell and just love her pop attitude. So many listens and so many hip shaking moments within the car. Brilliant!

#2: Wiktoria — Save Me

Just wow. Love how the song builds, that country/pop feel and that toe tapping final that gets you out of your seat and gets you dancing around the house.

#1: Isa — I Will Wait

It’s racked up so many listens on my Spotify that it’s getting up to tripple digits. A power ballad with a killer performance and a haunting production. My favourite of the entire competition and an instant memory on how amazing Melodifestivalen 2016 has been.

So this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The champion of Melodifestivalen 2016 is…


So what do you think? Has Sweden got Eurovision 2016 in the bag? What should Frans change to compete with the big stage performances of other countries? Leave a comment and subscribe for more Eurovision news.

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