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Q2 2019

Dear Factom Community,

Since our last report TFA Labs published a press release announcing Signed at Source™ (IOT-SAS™), a solution for securing IoT devices. The press release contains a video of IOT-SAS™ signing and writing data to the Factom® blockchain. It was indicated that we would be working on developing a small SMD device and we have made significant progress in that regard. IOT-SAS™ has garnered a lot of interest already and we believe it will go along way towards getting the Factom® protocol recognized as a viable data integrity layer for IoT.

As stated in previous reports, the suppressed factoid price limited the availability of our team to fully devote all their time to Factom ® protocol development efforts. The IOT-SAS™ solution has opened additional funding opportunities for us. As such, on July 1 Dennis has transitioned from his full-time day job to better focus on IOT-SAS™ and Factom related development efforts.


TFA is operating at 25% efficiency and won’t adjust for the foreseeable future.



As mentioned in our previous report, we identified Factom-Twitter as the most interesting open-source project to pursue and development work alongside Consensus Networks is well underway.

The current design model will allow for multiple parties to contribute towards securing the tweets of various twitter accounts of interest. Consensus Networks has done the leg work towards monitoring tweets, and securing them on chain. TFA is providing an api that will parse the Factom chains for these tweet proofs. The ending project goal is to provide a website to make this information easily consumable.

Additional contributions

FAT integration into TFA-explorer (grant)

  • Integrated the FAT daemon APIs into the explorer
  • Created a tokens listings page to view all tokens on the network. A search functionality allows search by TokenID (the name)
  • An issuance preview is available here as well.
  • A token issuance page per token with full details and transaction history
  • Preview of inputs and outputs

The grant update thread is available here.

FAT firmware upgrade for Ledger Nano X/S (grant)

On track to realize first Milestone.

The grant update thread is available here.

Crowd support

Contributed 100 FCT to Max Collab crowd support here.

Grafana monitoring

TFA published this article about monitoring Factom nodes with Grafana. It provides an introduction and comprehensive instructions for how to configure monitoring performance and vital statistics of servers, including the factomd-node.

Basic server statistics
Factomd-specific stats

The article was posted as a Medium story and found eligible to be put behind their paywall due to its high quality. This also meant that it got published by Medium’s editors via e-mail, as well as on the front page of Medium’s blockchain section.

Odyssey Hackathon

Stuart Johnson attended the Odyssey Hackathon as a jedi.

Committee work

Ben is a member of the Exchange committee. Tor is secretary of the Core Committee.

Continued hosting for:

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