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Business Leaders, in their own words. The Helm is a carefully curated collection of insightful content from the business frontlines.
Note from the editor

Business Leaders, in their own words. The Helm is a carefully curated collection of insightful content from the business frontlines. To submit articles for consideration, please email coordinator@csuitecontent.com with your Medium handle and we’ll add you as a writer. We consider both original content and stories already posted on Medium.

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CSuite Content
We are a public relations and communications agency. Working with CEOs and executives, we specialize in thought leadership consulting.
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Caroline Carter
Co-founder CSuite Content and Editor at The Helm
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Remy Scalza
Journalist + photographer. Lover of exotic street food. Articles featured in Nat Geo Traveler, Wash Post, NY Times. Latest at http://www.remyscalza.com.
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Jeff Booth
Entrepreneur, YPO member and proud family man. Co-Founder, President & CEO of @BuildDirect.
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Caren Maio
CEO and Cofounder of Nestio
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Roy Hessel
CEO of @clearlyca and @coastaldotcom. Supporter of better vision for everyone.
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Ryan Holmes
Entrepreneur, investor, future enthusiast, inventor, hacker. Lover of dogs, owls and outdoor pursuits. Best-known as the founder and CEO of Hootsuite.
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Ivan Widjaya
Webpreneur. Blogger. Influencer. Owner of Noobpreneur — http://www.Noobpreneur.com, Biz Epic http://www.BizEpic.com, and several others.
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Ryan Spong
CEO/Co-founder at Foodee, Owner of Tacofino Cantina, Reformed pizza-fuelled investment banker.
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Boštjan Bregar
CEO of @Loop, the app where teams can work together on email and get things done .
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Edward Sullivan
I’m an entrepreneur and executive coach. Let’s talk. edward@gainvelocity.com.
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Gary Coover
Tech & start-up junkie, GM of Silicon Valley for Samsung NEXT. Inspired by entrepreneurs, avocados and my Nana. Opinions are my own.
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Rama Poola
CEO & Co-founder of SkyHi, flyskyhi.com, the flight club for everyone. Lifetime technologist, musician, writer, chef, and dancer.
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Phil Morettini
President of Technology Management Consulting Firm PJM Consulting and author of MORETTINI ON MANAGEMENT Blog
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Go to the profile of Corey Ferengul
Corey Ferengul
Active investor and adviser. Former CEO @accessundertone. Member @HydeParkAngels. BOD @Packbackbooks & @PlayersHealth. Educated by my 3 teen girls.
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Dawn Dickson
Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor |Founder, Flat Out of Heels |CEO, PopCom| #Speaker #Hardware #SaaS #OSUBuckeye www.DawnDickson.me
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Chris Hill
Inspired Chef — Author — Entrepreneur — 2X TEDx Speaker — Atlanta
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Melody Smalls
wife, mother, Weather Channel HR executive who loves travel, dance, music, swimming, home decorating/improvement, and tennis.
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Botanical Amit
Essential Oils Coach | Natural Health | Start-up Growth Advisor | Crypto & ChatBots | Market Monitoring With Algos!
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Shay Howe
VP of Product Design at @ActiveCampaign, Co-founder at @leadhonestlyco, Partner at @ProtaVentures, Co-Founder of @ChicagoCamps, Product Designer, Engineer
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Christina Baldassarre
Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad, Speaker. Let’s tweet: @christinabaldas
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Christopher I. Maxwell
Senior Fellow at the Wharton School, author of Lead Like a Guide: How World-Class Mountain Guides Inspire Us to Be Better Leaders. http://leadlikeaguide.com
Go to the profile of Scott Mabry
Scott Mabry
Make the world a better workplace. @scottamabry
Go to the profile of Rand Leeb-du Toit
Rand Leeb-du Toit
Trusted Talent Adviser, Executive Coach & Strategic Transformation Expert. CEO @exoscalr — Reinventing Fierce. Former VC, Sudden Cardiac Death Survivor.
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Alethea Robinson
Marketing | Content Creator 🇨🇦 Editor-In-Chief at https://seegirlwork.com
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Natalie Goni
Leadership Coach for the ambitious and the unconventional. Hong Kong and the World. I coach from the heart to the human soul.
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Carol Barash, PhD, Founder and CEO, Story2.
Creator of the Moments Method®. Teaches science-based storytelling techniques, empowering people to speak, write, and build connections with others.
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Carl Robinson PhD
Carl is a business psychologist and leadership development expert who focuses on the development of high performance leaders. www.leadershipconsulting.com
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Kasia Mikolajczak
#blogger #socialmedia #digitalmarketing strategist. #food #health #travel #beauty #fashion #film #music http://thesavvydreamer.com
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Olivier Bousette
Founder of obooloh-Start-Up Junky-Social Business Entrepreneur-Lean Start-Up Preacher-Technology enthusiast-Data Center Designer-Moto Racing Aficionado
Go to the profile of tom hering
tom hering
Strategic Leadership & Consulting. We help forward-thinking businesses actualize the 3 P’s of People, Planet, Profit. www.benefitcorporationsforgood.com
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Joshua Davidson
CEO of @ChopDawgStudios. A passionate student of entrepreneurship. 📚 Author of The Entrepreneur’s Framework. Speaker, radio & podcast host 📲 Philly sports fan
Go to the profile of Vartika Kashyap
Vartika Kashyap
Marketing Manager@ProofHub. Featured writer on LinkedIn. Contributor at Elearning Industry, Dzone, Your Story and Business.com.
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Marc D. Kirshbaum
Business leader, strategic advisor and board member
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Marco Tonetti
Product Owner at Docler Holding | Fond of Product Design and Marketing …Oh I’m also superfond of photography but I still have to learn a lot about that!
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Luke Vernon
Venture Investor with Ridgeline Ventures & Founder of Luke’s Circle
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Damian Corbet
Helping leaders embrace the social age | Founder @TheSocialCsuite.
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Croft Edwards
2 miles down in a mine or up on the 8th floor - I coach wherever there's a leader who desires a different result. #NavigatingChange #SelfMastery
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Greg Twemlow
Greg Twemlow is an accomplished CEO, skilled at making decisions based on both deep data analysis and market intuition, and at a speed to match business needs.
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Etienne de Bruin
Building @7CTOs. Built & Sold @ekklesia360.
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Brittney Oliver
Using my journey to inspire & motivate. Howard alumna. Contributor @EssenceMag & @HuffPost! Keep up #Lemons2Lemonade on BrittneyOliver.com!
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Julie Persofsky
motivated by: being a mom | new tastes | cool companies | exploring | interesting people | driving value for companies through maximizing revenue potential
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J.R. Johnson
Husband, Dad, SUPer. Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor. Seeker of great views and interesting people.
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Go to the profile of Mandy McEwen
Mandy McEwen
Head Mod Girl @ModGirlMktg. I help modern companies 2X, 3X, and 10X their revenues via #InboundMarketing. http://www.modgirlmarketing.com
Go to the profile of Tom Schaeffer
Tom Schaeffer
CEO and leading TV innovation at https://floatleft.tv Engineer | Entrepreneur | Writer | Pilot | Technologist | Blog @ https://tomschaeffer.net
Go to the profile of Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor
Break through the limitations that keep you from reaching your next level in business. https://tayloredwisdom.com @TayloredWisdom Forbes Coaches Council
Go to the profile of Karn Manhas
Karn Manhas
Founder and CEO of @Terramera. Focused on redefining what’s possible and using technology to grow affordable, clean food for everyone. #cleanfoodforall
Go to the profile of Chris Litster
Chris Litster
CEO, Buildium LLC, Husband, Dad, & Avid Skier
Go to the profile of James Garside
James Garside
NCTJ-qualified journalist (The Argus, Esquire, Big Issue), writer (The Ascent, Hacker Noon, Writing Cooperative, 100+ more) and world traveler. jamesgarside.net
Go to the profile of Sebastian Jayaraj, PhD
Sebastian Jayaraj, PhD
Entrepreneur, Inventor, PhD Strategy. Advise startups- biotech, software, healthcare. Led software product teams in Silicon Valley & NYC. http://tiny.cc/s_j
Go to the profile of Sinan Ata
Sinan Ata
A seasoned digital marketing executive. Enjoys reading and writing on remote talent management, growth hacking, and the future of work: https://bit.ly/2VQ1T4c
Go to the profile of Tony Koutsoumbos
Tony Koutsoumbos
Tony is the founder of the Great Debaters Club, a social enterprise that teaches adults how to debate.
Go to the profile of Joe Procopio
Joe Procopio
I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Building Spiffy, sold Automated Insights, sold ExitEvent, built Intrepid Media. More about me at joeprocopio.com
Go to the profile of Derek Scoggin
Derek Scoggin
Management Consulting Analyst @ Accenture. Enjoy reading & writing in my free time on things that move me. I hope these topics are of value to you as well!
Go to the profile of Phil McKinney
Phil McKinney
// Author of Beyond The Obvious // Host of Killer Innovations podcast // Pres & CEO of CableLabs // Retired HP CTO // All opinions are mine //
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Melinda Fell
*Executive Coach *Leadership Development *Talent Management
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I get stuff out of my brain by writing about it.
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Shruti Patel
"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” — Anaïs Nin
Go to the profile of Mark Bragg
Go to the profile of Dr. David Geier
Dr. David Geier
Orthopedic surgeon, sports/business leadership speaker, sharing lessons from the world’s best athletes and coaches so you can be a champion in work and life.
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Nancy Levesque
Leadership Consultant &Coach -empowering leaders to take action, improve their performance and professional satisfaction as well as their team collaboration.
Go to the profile of Shannon Hennig
Shannon Hennig
Writer & entrepreneur. Productivity, work, mindfulness and motherhood. Subscribe for tips & tools. bit.ly/2Lj4DoY
Go to the profile of Julia M. Godinho
Julia M. Godinho
Agile Coach, museum geek and lover of all things fabulous.
Go to the profile of Andy Raskin
Andy Raskin
Helping leaders tell strategic stories. Ex @skype @mashery @timeinc http://andyraskin.com
Go to the profile of Barry W. Enderwick
Barry W. Enderwick
Brand/marketing executive, former Netflix, MZ. I write on startups, strategy, business, culture & design. Also on Instagram @craftbarry @inthechipswithbarry
Go to the profile of Cynthia Marinakos
Cynthia Marinakos
Copywriter. I help small businesses sell more by selling less. Contributer: The Mission, The Startup, Better Marketing, The Writing Coop.
Go to the profile of Keith Fix
Keith Fix
Co-Founder & CEO RetailAware. Green tea addict. Friend. Foodie. Traveler. Techie.
Go to the profile of Helen Amery
Helen Amery
Reconnecting leaders to their innate brilliance so they gain Connection, Clarity and Calm. Director of Wild Fig Solutions @WildFigSolns. Founder @LearnConnectDo
Go to the profile of Dean Woods
Dean Woods
Hi! I’m Dean, a devotee to personal development, Wharton Graduate, award-winning instructor, and current MBB consultant. Editor at www.tenminutemba.com
Go to the profile of LeAnne Lagasse
LeAnne Lagasse
Co-Owner of ROI Talent Development, a workplace consulting/training company, & COMS faculty at Texas Tech University. leanne@roitalentdev.com roitalentdev.com
Go to the profile of Leyda Aleman
Leyda Aleman
CEO | Leadership Coach & Mentor | HR Executive | Everything DiSC® Facilitator
Go to the profile of Nick East
Nick East
I am from London and spend my time now in Central and South America. Digital entrepreneur and writer and business coach. Living my dream and helping others.
Go to the profile of Edmond Yap
Edmond Yap
Founder of Pew Pew & Edunation. I help responsible, small businesses to grow and to make a positive impact to the world. Let’s chat, therandomeducator@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Annie Mueller
Annie Mueller
Writer, reader, growth seeker. Doing the content all day. Freelancing adventures, feelings, and gifs: http://tiny.cc/cbxz4y
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Go to the profile of Joseph Nguyen
Joseph Nguyen
Helping a billion people transcend human limitations through finding their purpose and becoming the conscious creators of their own lives.
Go to the profile of Chris Orzechowski
Chris Orzechowski
Author. Speaker. E-commerce Email Marketing Expert. Aspiring Wine Snob www.TheMakeItRainBook.com
Go to the profile of Eric S Burdon
Eric S Burdon
Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2pIEPFR
Go to the profile of Mr Cab Driver
Mr Cab Driver
Passionate about learning and sharing | Whenever I have a problem, I just sing, then I realize my voice is worse than my problem | Lenny Kravitz fan
Go to the profile of Tom Alaimo
Tom Alaimo
Passionate B2B Sales Professional || Founder of Millennial Momentum || Obsessed with helping millennials develop personally || Gratitude, Growth & Grit
Go to the profile of Jessica Wildfire
Jessica Wildfire
Say something once, why say it again?
Go to the profile of William Glass
William Glass
Entrepreneur, lifelong learner, and traveler
Go to the profile of kara silverman
kara silverman
loud mouth @acast, curator @techprjobz, alum @smallgirlspr. 🍔❤️🐶🍦🍸👠🏃🏻‍♀️🎧
Go to the profile of Stacy Vajta
Stacy Vajta
www.StacyVajta.com ~ Get clarity, then do your thing. Find your voice; claim who you are and what you’re here to do. Helping you do that is my thing.
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Colton Swabb
Creator at The Apex Consultant Method. Watch our presentation on creating a better consulting business: http://apexconsultantmethod.com/truth-about-consulting/
Go to the profile of Serene Chen
Serene Chen
Curious about people & organizations | Growth, design & tech enthusiast | Coffee (sometimes) snob | Opinions are my own
Go to the profile of brett fox
brett fox
I work with startup CEOs to help them grow their businesses . I built several businesses from $0 to >$100M. Learn more at www.brettjfox.com
Go to the profile of Zulie Rane
Zulie Rane
Lover of writing, mother of cats, drinker of cheap red wine. She/her. Want to make money by writing on Medium? Get my starter kit here: tinyurl.com/y4c43ha7
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Go to the profile of Steven Hopper
Steven Hopper
Stories of a high school teacher, husband, and travel fanatic. Read, reflect, write, repeat.
Go to the profile of alexandra fotos
alexandra fotos
minimalist, storyteller, marketer
Go to the profile of Wesley Baker
Wesley Baker
Wesley has run many businesses from Medical Device, Surfing, Space, Travel, Airlines, Software and more. You can read more about him at www.wesleybaker.com
Go to the profile of Samuel James White
Samuel James White
Writer, financial expert, and full-time traveler. Have been on the road for almost five years. Read one of my 35 historical fiction novels under James Farner.
Go to the profile of Ogochukwu Obiajulu O
Ogochukwu Obiajulu O
Storyteller | Attention Trader | Culture Hacker | Blockchain Creative www.twitter.com/@that_ajulu
Go to the profile of Abhishek Shah
Abhishek Shah
Nomad | Early Stage Investor | Wannabe Anthropologist | Technology Evangelist | Curious, Inquisitive & Experimental Entrepreneur
Go to the profile of Jordan Rothstein
Jordan Rothstein
Stream of consciousness from a passionate entrepreneur. CEO @ King Tide. A Digital Product Studio. Rise Together.
Go to the profile of Ben Lambert
Ben Lambert
Founder | Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor
Go to the profile of Cloris Guo
Cloris Guo
Building something | Strategy and Partnership Leader | Lawyer | Blockchain | Startups | Fund | China | Advocate of life learning
Go to the profile of Jason Cromer
Jason Cromer
Software Engineer at Postmates. I write about Android-related things, as well as personal/professional health and success.
Go to the profile of Paul Gallagher
Paul Gallagher
Australian writer focusing on words, language, communication, faith, illness, pain, humans; patreon.com/PaulGallagherRatedPG
Go to the profile of Kitty Hannah Eden
Kitty Hannah Eden
🇪🇺 🇫🇷 🇺🇸 person(ne) + journalist(e)✏️💌 khe@tuta.io ✨☕️✨ 𝗽𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝘀𝘂𝗽𝗽𝗼𝗿𝘁 𝗺𝘆 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸: http://ko-fi.com/kittyhannaheden [she/elle/ela] ❤️🇵🇹
Go to the profile of Leon Rego
Leon Rego
Founder at Eleven777. Thinker. Teacher. Traveller. A question-everything approach to entrepreneurship & marketing. @theleonrego on popular social platforms.
Go to the profile of Karen Nimmo
Karen Nimmo
Clinical psychologist, writer, still learning how to live. Author of 3 books, including Busy As F*ck: 10 on-the-couch sessions for busy people everywhere.
Go to the profile of Kenn Franklin
Kenn Franklin
Kenn is a Big-thinker,techie and a QC Analyst at Maestrokraft.com. I shares practical thoughts on Life, Productivity,Personal Development & Business Growth
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David Powers
David Powers has been a software engineer, business owner, consultant, and a Pilates instructor, but mostly he’s tried to help people build things together.
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Shawn Freeman
I’m CEO @TWTGroupInc | Supporter of the #hustle.
Go to the profile of Eve Davies-Greenwald
Eve Davies-Greenwald
Eve writes for the McQuaig Institute on topics concerning HR, hiring, leadership, and psychological assessment. Read more at https://blog.mcquaig.com/