Our Core Mission Has Been Reassigned

We’re changing the name of our signature reusable notebook.

Heads up, Rocketbook fans! Effective in 2020, the Rocketbook Everlast will be renamed the Rocketbook Core!

What Does This Mean?

Simply put, it means that we’re changing the name of our core product (see what we did there?) from “Everlast” to “Core.” The Rocketbook Everlast has long been Rocketbook’s best-selling notebook and, as we grow our line of endlessly reusable products, it only makes sense to use a name that denotes our groundbreaking waste-eliminating technology as the standard for Rocketbook, rather than the exception.

What is Changing?

The actual physical notebook will remain exactly the same. The only visible difference will be the name “Core” on the inside cover where it had previously read “Everlast.” Other than that, this is the exact same reusable notebook made with the same materials at the same factory by the same people. Just with a newer, better name.

So if you have a Rocketbook Everlast, you essentially have a Rocketbook Core. The only way you’ll be affected is if you’re searching for helpful info or videos about your notebook, you might start to notice references to the “Everlast” disappear into the deep abyss of space…never fear, Rocketbook Core is here! Simply keep in mind that any information about the Core also applies 100% to your Everlast. You might notice these types of language changes on our site or in our Help Center.

Why is This Changing?

Great question. When we started out, not all of our notebooks were good for the environment. Eventually, we designed the Everlast to be effortlessly erased and endlessly reusable. As we’ve grown, we’ve incorporated the Everlast’s reusable technology into many of our notebooks as a part of our assault on single-use products. So we decided using “Everlast” to describe just one of our notebooks no longer made sense since in the sustainable future we’re building, all of our products will be everlasting.

The eco-friendly technology of the Everlast has become a core part of our products and our vision for a more sustainable future, so we thought, what better way to signify its importance than to literally rename it the Core? It’s descriptive and it has a nice ring to it. Plus, changing its name to a symbol and calling it “The Notebook Formerly Known As Everlast” just didn’t seem original.

When is it Changing?

We have already begun the process! However, the process of crafting a Rocketbook notebook and getting it into your productive hands takes time, so you won’t see the Rocketbook Core name change out in the wild until early 2020.

So keep an eye out for the Rocketbook Core in 2020! And drop us a line at hello@getrocketbook.com if you have any questions!

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