LiquidX Brings DSP Services To All EOSIO Chains and dApps

The DAPP Network, now available wherever chains are running.

Many networks view forking of any kind as an adversarial, last-resort move taken only to resolve a governance dispute.

But the initial vision of EOSIO laid out a plan for multiple variants of EOSIO-based chains, running in parallel and interoperating seamlessly with one another. By meshing sister chains together with the EOS mainnet, the EOSIO network can scale horizontally. Together with its sub-second block times and free transaction model, this positions the entire network as a leading base layer for decentralized applications.

We are excited to announce LiquidX, a powerful new functionality of the DAPP Network which allows DSPs to offer services on any EOSIO chain. When we began launching services on the DAPP Network, we envisioned the DSP marketplace for essential developer services being implemented on other chains as well.

While the EOS mainnet remains the home of the DAPP Network, we strongly believe that the road to mass adoption runs through multi-chain interoperability. With LiquidX, the stage is now set for DSPs to begin offering services such as vRAM, LiquidAccounts, LiquidOracles, and more on multiple chains, including any chain that runs EOSIO software. LiquidX can enable more interoperability than ever before.

LiquidX For EOSIO

The DAPP Network’s services can now be made available to developers building on sister chains without having to introduce any additional tokens or infrastructure. LiquidX can potentially be used on any EOSIO chain.

LiquidX enables DAPP Service Providers to offer DAPP Network services on new blockchains.

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How Does DAPP work across chains?

In order to access DSP services on a sister chain, developers stake DAPP tokens to a service package of their choice on the EOS mainnet and receive the allocated amount of QUOTA set by the package’s specifications. When the developer sends out a service request to the DSP on an EOS sidechain, the DSP first runs a check on the mainnet to determine whether the developer has a sufficient amount of QUOTA available to execute the action.

This functionality does not even require any form of interblockchain communication such as LiquidLink. By simply creating a verified mapping between each account on an EOS sister chain and the corresponding account on the mainnet, LiquidX enables the DAPP Network to expand to other EOSIO chains while keeping the service provisioning layer on the mainnet.

How does LiquidX differ from LiquidLink?

LiquidLink, a trustless two-way communication protocol that currently connects EOS and Ethereum and allows read-only connections to many blockchains from an EOSIO chain, was the DAPP Network’s first foray into interoperability solutions.

As LiquidLink solutions can actually make use of two separate components, Oracles and MultiSig, the complete interoperability picture is as follows:

  • LiquidLink’s Oracles component allows communication between smart contract chains — data transfer, token transfers, and contract deployment and operation — as well as reading non-smart-contract chains such as Bitcoin and Binance.
  • LiquidLink’s MultiSig service could be used to allow communication to non-smart contract chains.
  • LiquidX allows DAPP Network services — storage, oracles, computation, and so on — to be offered natively on other blockchains, without needing LiquidLink. Services can even be potentially shared across chains without the need for data transfers.

LiquidX for Ethereum

While LiquidX could empower developers on EOS sister chains to make their creations more scalable, more versatile, more affordable, and more interoperable, its functionality is not limited to EOSIO. Ethereum developers, for example, could harness LiquidX to access cheap web oracles and other DAPP Network services. The community could expand DSP services to multiple other smart contract chains in the future.

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