Zeus IDE: Ready? Set. Code!

Nov 6, 2019 · 3 min read

With the DAPP Network Hackathon around the corner, we wanted to present developers with a little treat.

Therefore, we are happy to announce the release of the Zeus IDE — a seamless, user-friendly web Integrated Development Environment (IDE)— just in time for the DAPP Network Global Hackathon!

The Zeus IDE, a fork of the EOSIO™ Quickstart Web IDE released a few weeks ago by Block.one, has been extended to include the Zeus SDK and all the tools a developer needs to get started developing on the blockchain using the DAPP Network.

Getting started with EOSIO can be challenging for new developers. They often find they need to spend hours setting up their environment before they can actually start developing on EOSIO. Adding in DAPP Network services extends the setup time even further. In addition, running a blockchain node requires a beefy machine, including at least 16GB of RAM. This resource-intensive and time-consuming process causes many potential developers to give up before they even begin.

The Zeus IDE could allow new developers to get up and running in mere minutes! It is based on Gitpod, a cloud-based tool for creating IDEs from git repos backed by Docker containers. All a user needs to do is log in to Gitpod with their GitHub account and establish a new workspace based on the LiquidApps Zeus IDE GitHub repo. Or even better, they can create their own fork of the repo, which will allow them to push changes back to it.

Behind the scenes, Gitpod executes the following:

  1. Automatically installs the Docker image, which already contains EOSIO, Zeus and many other tools
  2. Starts an EOSIO development node
  3. Generates a basic starting point for a project (using the Zeus SDK)
  4. Starts a LiquidApps development DSP

All in a few moments!

Once the workspace is set up, developers will be presented with a web-based interface, with a few terminals running all the different components, giving them complete control to start authoring, compiling, deploying and running their own DAPP Network-powered smart contracts.

Developers no longer need to spend time painstakingly setting up their environment, or if their machine is not strong enough, setting up a cloud instance. Instead, they can jump straight into building their applications. This is perfect for new developers and will make life a whole lot easier for those participating in the upcoming DAPP Network Hackathon.

To start developing for the DAPP Network today, simply click here and log in with a GitHub account!

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Designing tools for building and scaling the dApps of the future.


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The LiquidApps Blog

Designing tools for building and scaling the dApps of the future.

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