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We exclusively publish memoirs: The creative stories unpacked from the nostalgic hope chests of our lives.
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KiKi Walter
AKA "The Memoir Queen." Ki is the founder & co-publisher of The Memoirist, Age of Empathy, Black Bear, Dear KiKi, QuickTalk, The Mayhem, Songstories, and more.
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Sally Prag
Wilfully niche-less, playfully word-weaving. Rethinking life through my words. Sometimes too seriously, sometimes not seriously enough.
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Bernice P.
Personal essays, pop culture, and punning. Trying to navigate life while writing about what I love. Twitter: @ber_p72
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Suzanne Pisano
Writer. Singer. Jersey girl. Personal essays and poetry. Humor when the mood strikes. Editor for The Memoirist and Age of Empathy.
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Christopher Robin
Podcaster, recovering alcoholic, humorist, contemplatist, essayist, averagest, Editor for The Memoirist, Age of Empathy, Black Bear Recovery, my own reality.
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Marketa Zvelebil
A retired (disabled and an ex-refugee) scientist, currently a photographer who loves to write. Mainly about life, and thoughts on current or any issues.
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Preeti Ramachandran
Writer of Personal Stories, Humor, Fiction & Mental Health | For writing opportunities ✉: ramachandran.preeti@gmail.com
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Bob Merckel
Editor: Age of Empathy, The Memoirist | English teacher/language consultant in Barcelona and Provincetown.
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Michele Maize
Sober | Wannabe Vegan | Yoga Addict. Extrovert turned introvert that just wants a pack of dachshunds. Writing my way through past trauma gave me big dreams.
Go to the profile of Yana Bostongirl
Yana Bostongirl
My life + relationships + writing experiences = my blogs (a memoir in motion)|🌸Yana's World (Love, Life & Writing) 👇 https://yanabostongirl.substack.com/
Go to the profile of Arpad Nagy
Arpad Nagy
A Proud Hungarian-Canadian, throwback romantic who loves to write. 10xTop Writer. Editor @ Kitchen Tales,The Short Place (Fiction) The Memoirist, Age of Empathy
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Ilona Goanos
Yoga-Lover, Mother of Monarchs & Mid-Life Thriver. Join "The Pebble in Your Shoe" newsletter: https://ilonagoanos.substack.com/
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All My Little Words
Words on feminism, music, culture, career & parenting through the lens of a GenX PNWer with an offbeat perspective on how and why the world works (or doesn't).
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Kristine Laco
My middle finger is my favorite. Satire is my jam. Don’t follow if Laco-intolerant. BE COOL--SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER eepurl.com/hqpXiv
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Cindy Heath
I’ve been a farmer, entrepreneur, writer, and more. Always curious and still hopeful. If you are, too, read along and follow me at cindyheathwrites.com.
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Maria Hayes
I write about sobriety, mental health, and travel. I'm also a VA! Open to freelance opportunities. www.mariahayeswrites.com
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Lindsay Rae Brown
Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.
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Dr. Preeti Singh
Doctorate in Finance, Professor, Author, I write about Life’s experiences, edutech. 9xTop writer.
Go to the profile of Jacqueline Dooley
Jacqueline Dooley
Essayist, content writer, bereaved parent. Bylines: Human Parts, GEN, Marker, OneZero, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Pulse, HuffPost, Longreads, Modern Loss
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Lindsey Otto
Austin-based word lover. I write, edit, and voraciously read in between. Mostly about life, growth, and other human things. Contact me: Lrotto98@gmail.com
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Melissa Corrigan
She/her. I am a mother, a partner, a survivor, an adoptee, a veteran, an entrepreneur, a friend, an ally, & a flawed human. I seek enlightenment & growth daily.
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Becca CO 🌵
Educator | Autistic | Survivor—I write about how life's challenges affect living—NF & poetry are my niches. Follow me: https://www.instagram.com/becca_collora/
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Divya Karwal
A communication strategist for 15 years, learning the languages of the heart. I have fought life fiercely and positively, with a lot of love for living well.
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Linda Kowalchek
Member of the typewriter generation. I write about the writer’s journey and things that happen to me. 100% AI free. Reach me at Linda.kowalchek@gmail.com
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Rane Kelze
Quietly scribbling in the corner.
Go to the profile of Robin Christine Honigsberg
Robin Christine Honigsberg
Author of “Dysfunctional Me.” Associate Editor & Social Media Manager at wordswelljournal.org. Sensitive eccentric. Medium Editor-“AYOT.”
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Sam Ochstein
Former Pastor | Reader | Writer | Walker | Whiskey Lover | Contemplative Extrovert | MMin, MATS, MDiv (unfinished)
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Madelyn West
Saucy insolence, irrepressible ebullience, gentle absurdity and a little savage passion for good measure.
Go to the profile of Janet Meisel
Janet Meisel
Writer, artist, poet. Can’t dance for quids. https://medium.com/@janet.meisel Top Writer in Satire, and This Happened To Me
Go to the profile of John Pucadyil
John Pucadyil
I am a plasma physicist who also paints and writes poetry. My work is available on my website www.pucadyil.com. I write on science, technology and my life
Go to the profile of J. Salvatore Domino
J. Salvatore Domino
J. Salvatore Domino is an author and blogger based in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A. A classic storyteller, his stories long or short, never fail to entertain.
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Anneke Campbell
I’ve been writing so long I’m almost finished with my memoir of the Holocaust.
Go to the profile of Shereen Bingham
Shereen Bingham
Communication Ph.D., venturing out from success as a scholarly writer to explore terrains of creative nonfiction, poetry, and fictional short stories.
Go to the profile of Jessica Gale Friesen
Jessica Gale Friesen
Author of “This Will Not Break Me — My Personal Journey with Postpartum Depression” available on Amazon! Relatable & sassy. www.jessicagalefriesen.com
Go to the profile of R P Gibson
R P Gibson
Freelance writer of history and humour. Sometimes other stuff. I’ll never use a semicolon and you can’t make me. Click this: https://therpg.medium.com/subscribe
Go to the profile of Toya Qualls-Barnette
Toya Qualls-Barnette
*Top writer in This Happened To Me| Writing about the impact of relationships|Contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul| Dreamer|Mother|HSP in drag
Go to the profile of Emily Forman
Emily Forman
Follow my journey as work to heal from Lyme Disease.
Go to the profile of Julie Amidon-Conklin
Julie Amidon-Conklin
Sleepy, cat mom, dog door opener, queen of the unfinished project, coffee addict, avid reader. https://twitter.com/JulieConklin5
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Western New Yorker, musician, construction supply chain veteran, memoirist, never say never-ist. Top Writer in Sports and 2x Top Writer in Music.
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Angie Smartt
I’m just a person who ponders.
Go to the profile of Dr. Kat
Dr. Kat
Just a person trying to enjoy life, and help others enjoy life too.
Go to the profile of Runda Alamour
Runda Alamour
Finding creative space outside of my own mind. Palestinian-American mother, educator, + union organizer. 📍Asheville, North Carolina 📧 rzafreelancing@gmail.com
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I read a lot and occasionally I write.
Go to the profile of The Rose Machine
The Rose Machine
Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, and Etsy Business Owner living with ADHD and a head of overwhelming ideas I can't keep up with - so AI helps me.
Go to the profile of Noemi Ergas Bitterman
Noemi Ergas Bitterman
Much like Pablo Neruda, “I write, I write just to not die”
Go to the profile of Noel Meshack
Noel Meshack
Bring ReadersTogether to Inspire and Share Stories of Life’s Challenges and Strategies for a Better World.
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Hope Carter
Self-published romance author 💋 Grief blogger 🖤
Go to the profile of BeccaW0603
Small town girl, living in a small town world, trying to navigate life.
Go to the profile of Heather S. Wargo
Heather S. Wargo
Italian American Writer in PA wilds. Gen X survivor attempting to climb shrinking narrow. Despite all my rage, still just a rat in a cage.
Go to the profile of Emma Sachsse
Emma Sachsse
Writer of Urban Fantasy Series; Bloody Dawn find me at https://www.emmasachsse.com/
Go to the profile of Don Drewniak
Don Drewniak
U.S. Army Veteran. Retired science/math teacher. Author of The Junk Picker and Desert Assassin, plus a bunch of other stuff. I reciprocate all reads.
Go to the profile of Katharine Valentino
Katharine Valentino
Still trying for the words to help us do and feel good things. Owner of the Publication Creators Hub. Top writer in politics/racism but often write memoir.
Go to the profile of Shirley Chang
Shirley Chang
Reader, traveler, story-teller, home cook, crafter, swimmer, engineer, cancer caregiver supporter. https://shirleychangbooks.com/
Go to the profile of Whitney Hogue
Whitney Hogue
Failing to live up to my potential in the suburbs.
Go to the profile of Laurie Livingston Nave
Laurie Livingston Nave
The downhill trip is more fun than the uphill. A 50+ year old mother, wife, nerd, musician and writer. Follow me at https:www.laurienaveauthor.com
Go to the profile of Kate Stone Lombardi
Kate Stone Lombardi
Journalist/author. Contributor NYT 20+ years. Also WSJ, Time.com, GH, AARP, more. Author: Mama’s Boy Myth (Penguin/Avery 2012). Cook. Besotted grandmother.
Go to the profile of Eric Pierce
Eric Pierce
Writer, gamer, pop culture nerd. Editor of Fanfare. Probably thinking about Star Wars. https://newsletter.allthefanfare.com
Go to the profile of Audrey Stimson
Audrey Stimson
Writer and poet — essays and short stories. Experiencing life to the fullest while writing about our humanity. More about me https://audreystimson.com
Go to the profile of Toni Crowe
Toni Crowe
Willing to share whatever I've learned in life. Best-selling author. Writes whatever she wants. Owner: No Air. Editor, MuddyUm.
Go to the profile of Frank Priegue
Frank Priegue
Writer, Educator, 50-Something First-Time Dad, Long Suffering New York Mets Fan, Autism Advocate, and Humorist (Sometimes)Follow my blog http://frankpriegue.com
Go to the profile of Bev Potter
Bev Potter
Legal secretary by day, insomniac by night. Ally. BA, MA. Humor, pop culture, and things that make you think. My weekly-ish newsletter is bevpotter.substack.com
Go to the profile of Kristen Stark
Kristen Stark
Humor Writer
Go to the profile of Elena Greyrock
Elena Greyrock
INFJ, Elena Greyrock is an author of contemporary diverse fiction. Her latest book is Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine www.elenagreyrock.com
Go to the profile of Deborah Barchi
Deborah Barchi
Deborah Barchi has recently retired from her career as a librarian and now has time to read, explore nature, and write poetry and essays.
Go to the profile of S🧿UL🔥FIRE🪷ZEN
An awakened old soul currently living as a human being: Psychic Medium, Mom, Writer, Poet, Artist, Truth-seeker, & Intuitive lightworker.
Go to the profile of Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn
I’m Donna — mom of three grown children and grandma to 5. I’m a former kindergarten teacher and I love to write.
Go to the profile of Liam M
Liam M
I grew up as a black bag, but now I identify as human. Top writer in; cryptocurrency, finance, sobriety, addiction, & bitcoin
Go to the profile of Kim Kelly Stamp
Kim Kelly Stamp
Writer. Essayist. Espresso Enthusiast. LGBTQIA. PNW Native. Retired. Gigi Extraordinaire. Work in: NYT, Shondaland, HuffPost,+ Contact: Kim@kimkellywrites.com
Go to the profile of Laurie Morin
Laurie Morin
Author | Retreat Leader | Travel & Transformation Guide |I write about personal growth, empowerment, career fulfillment, and travel as a path to self-discovery.
Go to the profile of Humaira Zakaria
Humaira Zakaria
Teacher. Writer. Hobbies include reading, napping, overthinking and binge watching TV shows whenever she can.
Go to the profile of GE McKerrihan
GE McKerrihan
I’ve been using the camera for nearly 50 years. I write about Photography, Art, Travel, and Life. Top Writer in Photography, Art, Creativity, and Inspiration.
Go to the profile of Lee Griffo
Lee Griffo
Life thoroughly lived. Unvarnished scandals and triumphs. Exhilarating, humiliating and true. Proud to be published in The Memoirist and Human Parts.
Go to the profile of Patrick Parker
Patrick Parker
"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." -Carl Jung
Go to the profile of Mariella
Busy mom who writes about many topics, including health, parenting, and life’s adventures.
Go to the profile of Brian Leekley
Brian Leekley
Born in 1942. Had an antiquarian bookseller career. Avocation creative writing. Unitarian Universalist, raised Catholic. Support Movement for a People’s Party.
Go to the profile of Ben Human
Ben Human
Prose like poetry, poems like songs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09XZXLM7H
Go to the profile of Malky McEwan
Go to the profile of Teresa Morillas
Teresa Morillas
Debunking Nutritional Myths| Clarifying Nutrition & Health Science for you| Top writer Food| MAS Nutrition&Health | Health Coach | https://bit.ly/te_newsletter
Go to the profile of Freeman Scott
Freeman Scott
Unreliable narrator
Go to the profile of The Girl With The Tree Tattoo
The Girl With The Tree Tattoo
Tattooed dancer and writer creating her quiet magic in the woods. Published works available at https://ko-fi.com/thegirlwiththetreetattoo
Go to the profile of Erika Burkhalter
Erika Burkhalter
Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)
Go to the profile of Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston
Writer of fiction, documentarian, currently stranded in Asia. Learn more at www.findthefabulist.com.
Go to the profile of Author, D. Denise Dianaty
Author, D. Denise Dianaty
“Hands & hearts & minds & voices committed to working for tolerance, peace and social justice everywhere, always. ~MomzillaNC
Go to the profile of Keia Watkins
Keia Watkins
Figuring it out…I think I’m getting somewhere. Artist, writer, entrepreneur, Veteran, and overthinker. I identify as a unicorn and believe girls run the world.
Go to the profile of Damian Sebouhian
Damian Sebouhian
I write Muse Exclusives on topics ranging from metaphysics, meditation, tarot, mythology, poetry, art, humor, and other adventures.
Go to the profile of Sheri White
Sheri White
Wife, Mom, Grandma, Horror Writer, Diet Coke Addict. Beatles Freak. Murder Show Fanatic.
Go to the profile of Carrie Ann Golden
Carrie Ann Golden
Adirondack native now living in North Dakota. She writes dark fiction and poetry as well as articles revolving around the creative industry.
Go to the profile of Connie Song
Connie Song
Reader | Writer | Poet | Medium Top Writer | Editor of Purple Ink | Coffee Fanatic | Twitter Connie Song 10.
Go to the profile of Iz Lobos
Iz Lobos
Creative with a chaotic mind. Writes on mental health, culture, and other human things. She/her.
Go to the profile of Jane Kaufman
Jane Kaufman
I enjoy deep dives in pools of self-reflection and have discovered the power to change the world within 5' of my feet. I expect to laugh often and die well.
Go to the profile of 1796 Sports
1796 Sports
Tennessee achieved statehood in 1796. Since then, our sports teams haven’t had much to celebrate. Join us as we cover all of the sad sporting events.
Go to the profile of Lyuba Golovina
Lyuba Golovina
Professional Copywriter turning life's adventures into stories about personal growth, writing & travel ✨
Go to the profile of Marlon Weems
Marlon Weems
Storyteller. 2x Top Writer. Subscribe to my newsletter: https://linktr.ee/thejourneyman
Go to the profile of D. A. Langley
D. A. Langley
Relationship coach, BossMom, and ghost writer wrapped in a 1950s housewife apron. Yep, it’s complicated.
Go to the profile of Kathryn Betts Adams, MSW, PhD
Kathryn Betts Adams, MSW, PhD
Gerontologist. Baby Boomer. OnlyDaughter. Mom of two. Writing on aging, health, family relationships, mental health. Find me at https://KathrynBettsAdams.com
Go to the profile of Matt Jones Ruiz
Matt Jones Ruiz
Hi I'm Matt and I write about language, culture, entertainment, music and a bunch of other things. Expect some fiction too.
Go to the profile of Sharmila Shankarkumar
Sharmila Shankarkumar
Writer living in New York. Published in McSweeneys, Slackjaw, and Points In Case. Winner of writing contests you've never heard of.
Go to the profile of Kris Heim
Kris Heim
Haunted-city dweller, bad French speaker, cold lake swimmer, Mississippi River habitué, daily piano player, fiction writer, wonderer, note scribbler.
Go to the profile of Bev Garcia
Bev Garcia
I help followers of Jesus determine clear direction to bridge a gap between information and transformation for what matters most at the Judgment Seat of Christ.
Go to the profile of Gerald Ward
Go to the profile of Jay Davidson
Jay Davidson
Retired teacher (San Francisco, 1969–2003); Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Mauritania, 2003–2005); public speaker, artist, writer, traveler, world citizen
Go to the profile of Nicola POWYS
Nicola POWYS
Artist, activist and writer using words and paint existentially. Find my artwork here: htpps//www.instagram.com/playspowys
Go to the profile of Sarah Suzuki
Sarah Suzuki
Owner/Founder of Chicago Compass Counseling, therapist, itinerant change agent, and recovering English Major.
Go to the profile of Doug Brown
Doug Brown
The sacraments of ordinary life. Mountains, dogs, beer, Asheville. Doing my best to eff the ineffable. Oddly funny at times.
Go to the profile of Chloe Marie Aldecoa-DeFina
Chloe Marie Aldecoa-DeFina
Writer (freestyle and academic), poet, photographer, BA in Creative Media and Film. The things I am most passionate about are not random, they are callings…
Go to the profile of Ilma Andrade
Ilma Andrade
3 x Top Writer in the Topics of Design, Technology and Art - B2B UX Designer
Go to the profile of Lawrence D. Weiss
Lawrence D. Weiss
Stories and commentary about a long life in Alaska and excursions elsewhere.
Go to the profile of Samantha D
Samantha D
Ad astra per aspera.
Go to the profile of Allie
Go to the profile of Angelina Der Arakelian
Angelina Der Arakelian
An author who’s passionate about uplifting people and trying to make sense of a place we call the Universe. Say hi at angelinaderarakelian@gmail.com 💫
Go to the profile of Laura DeMaisBerg
Laura DeMaisBerg
I write about seemingly mundane experiences that are relatable because we are human. Subscribe on Substack to get my stories directly: lauramc.sub-stack.com
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Go to the profile of Kelly Murphy
Go to the profile of Alexander Razin
Alexander Razin
Aficionado and connoisseur of obscure and strange music, movies, and TV. Fictional and non-fictional pieces have their place here, too
Go to the profile of Lea O
Lea O
9X Top Writer. Essayist. Personal development. Creativity hacks. https://thewriteright.substack.com/about
Go to the profile of Conni Walkup Hull
Conni Walkup Hull
Lawyer/writer. I write essays, memoir, poetry, and tales about my life with a handsome Sailor. Editor for The Narrative Arc, In For A Penny, The Wind Phone.
Go to the profile of Obinna Uruakpa
Obinna Uruakpa
I am your Brother and a Seeker of the Infinite. I came this time among the Igbos. I share the sights, sounds, and scents of my journey in simple stories. .
Go to the profile of Nikki
I enjoy writing about making money, nutritious foods, and self-improvement. Join me on my journey of writing and vibing on Medium.
Go to the profile of Keri Mick
Keri Mick
A multipotentialite at heart, this writer has way too many interests. She’s a Realtor, she’s a family woman, she’s a nature lover and a city slicker. Loves all.
Go to the profile of Celina Peters
Celina Peters
Follow me for feel good stories and an attempt at humour.
Go to the profile of Rikki Doppler
Rikki Doppler
Film vet since 2015. Seasoned editor, sometimes writer, perpetual creep. American German, not Pennsylvania Dutch. My heart is a pickelhaube.
Go to the profile of It's Ericajean
It's Ericajean
Graphic Designer, Poet & Essayist | Writing and designing are my fuel. Visit my shop at: www.3rdheavendesigns.com
Go to the profile of Alice Kent
Alice Kent
Writes about the joys and struggles of being a human being. Can get dark quickly. With a hint of hope.
Go to the profile of Caupolican Diaz
Caupolican Diaz
A data specialist, programmer and writer — sharing my stories on mental health, mindfulness and career exploration.
Go to the profile of Harrie Wren
Harrie Wren
Exploring society, beliefs, mythology, spirituality, queerness and neurodiversity, plus whatever else crosses my mind. (They/Them).
Go to the profile of Sheryll Paul
Sheryll Paul
Aspiring writer
Go to the profile of Karli Ahrens
Karli Ahrens
*Improving…* Come back in six months.
Go to the profile of KmMolloy
Go to the profile of Jenny Austria
Jenny Austria
France-based storyteller. I write about life lessons, self-growth, and la vie en France. Read unlimited stories: https://iamjennyaustria.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Nella DiCarlo
Nella DiCarlo
Writing about travel, well-being, personal development, poetry. Curious observer and explorer of places and life.
Go to the profile of EverBlume
We provide online small group recovery meetings with compatible peers who support each other in their personal recovery. A safe space for honest conversation.
Go to the profile of Jane Ann Tucker
Jane Ann Tucker
I'm a published author. GENRES: non-fiction & poetry PASSIONS: books, dogs,horses, playing pickle ball, hiking & knitting. ~ What hurts you blesses you ~ Rumi
Go to the profile of John Villa
Go to the profile of Kate-lynne Pigg
Kate-lynne Pigg
Migrant, Wife, Mother, Writer, Memoirist, Observer in real-time. A Romantic Spirit, I am so many things all at once but I am not a victim.
Go to the profile of Ankita Nayak
Ankita Nayak
ux designer with background in saas tech & financial services
Go to the profile of Nitin Dangwal
Nitin Dangwal
Writing stories, poems and a little bit of everything about life
Go to the profile of Marianne Simon
Marianne Simon
Marianne has spent her life exploring creativity in all its facets. Playwright, author, performer, and also landscape designer and environmentalist.
Go to the profile of Kelly Maurica
Kelly Maurica
Author | Writer | Copywriter Walking through life, one sole at a time
Go to the profile of Jenny Lim
Jenny Lim
Mum of 2. Film fan. I write honest and down-to-earth stories based on personal experience. Aiming to fall a little less short of great each time I write.
Go to the profile of Sravasti Nair
Sravasti Nair
Relentless reader, sporadic writer, passionate about technology, literature and history as means to build a more compassionate world.
Go to the profile of Jazmine Clark
Jazmine Clark
University of Michigan Ann Arbor graduate, mental health advocate and coach. Just trying make sense of my life and hopefully these experiences help others too.
Go to the profile of This Broken Clay by Ann Adams
This Broken Clay by Ann Adams
Writes inspirational short devotionals & faith-based short stories
Go to the profile of Iain Stanley
Iain Stanley
Aussie living in Japan. Failed HS at 17. By 39, had a Doctor of Educ. Sharing my life and everything I've learned: https://medium.com/@iain_stanley/membership
Go to the profile of Yıldız stories🌙
Yıldız stories🌙
I tell my stories. Sadly, they are not fiction. Reader, Teacher, and a Life-long learner
Go to the profile of Michael J. O'Connor
Michael J. O'Connor
Author of autofiction, essays, novels, articles, humor, satire, ad copy, plays, marketing video scripts, and any other work I can scrounge up for a measly buck.
Go to the profile of Suvadeep Paul
Suvadeep Paul
I write on Medium Growth, Personal Development, Life, Experiences, and Health. Subscribe to The Growth Newsletter - https://bit.ly/3WEqGZ7
Go to the profile of Nevena Pascaleva
Nevena Pascaleva
A writer of evocative fiction and introspective personal essays.
Go to the profile of Desiree Haros
Desiree Haros
Wife | Mama of 5 daughters | Essayist | Life Enthusiast
Go to the profile of A Strong Woman Weak
A Strong Woman Weak
Life, marriage, divorce, parenting, trauma and financial health; I got it all, I just need the Cocoa Puffs. *Editor: MuddyUm, Sweary Mommy, On The Sunny Side
Go to the profile of Dr. Jan Patterson
Dr. Jan Patterson
Integrative medicine doctor, infectious diseases doctor, author, bereaved parent, cancer survivor, mom, gardener, believer www.drjanpatterson.com
Go to the profile of Michal Mendelsohn
Go to the profile of Maliha
Writer, blogger, engineer, and an occasional photographer. Pronouns: She/they. https://coldcountry.substack.com/
Go to the profile of Jesse Edison
Jesse Edison
Proud Word Nerd. Self-Help blogger. 25 years old. Currently in Australia.
Go to the profile of Catelyn Silapachai
Catelyn Silapachai
I write about books, parenting, politics, and religion. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, daughter, dogs, and plants.
Go to the profile of Trudy Van Buskirk
Trudy Van Buskirk
Self employed 40 years. Technology super user, smallbiz startup & marketing coach, writer- entrepreneurship, disability, aging. Time to share what I’ve learned.
Go to the profile of Vera-Marie Landi
Vera-Marie Landi
I'm a fairly new writer enjoying the process. I'm retired, hanging out with grandchildren, and working on a publication called "Dancing My Way Through Life."
Go to the profile of Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor
I write (mostly journalism & essays), teach (public high school) and daddy (two little boys).
Go to the profile of Jo Ann Harris, Writer of Daily Musings
Jo Ann Harris, Writer of Daily Musings
Writing on Medium since 2018. Writer for Crow’s Feet, Family and Children, Illumination, About Me, Memorist. I write on a myriad of subjects with you in mind
Go to the profile of Gabrielle Shiloh
Gabrielle Shiloh
I activate wounded healers and former people-pleasers to expand via candid storytelling | I write about shadow work, plant medicine + the magic of the Universe
Go to the profile of Lori Dooner
Lori Dooner
Former preschool teacher, proud mom of adult twin sons, caretaker of elderly parents, writer and poet, B.A. in English/Writing
Go to the profile of Claire K. Yu
Claire K. Yu
Writer, mother, investor, volunteer; raised in E. Asia/N. Am/EU; trained at MIT; speaks EN/中/ES/日/DE/FR; lives in Mass., advocates equity, connects cultures.
Go to the profile of Andy Williams
Andy Williams
Student of Life by Experience and Reflection
Go to the profile of Jared Bouchard
Jared Bouchard
Living life with Meraki | Blogging Tips | 1x Top Writer in Satire
Go to the profile of Wes X
Wes X
I write stories. Sometimes people read them.
Go to the profile of Sharvin Shitole
Go to the profile of Marios Komninakis
Marios Komninakis
High performance strategies and competent mindset lessons from a Top-class pool player...
Go to the profile of Jeannette Sanderson
Jeannette Sanderson
I read, write, and run in the beautiful Hudson Valley, where I live with my husband and our rescue pup, Magnolia.
Go to the profile of Chris Yanda
Chris Yanda
I mainly write silly stuff. Some fiction. Some not. I’m originally from Canada and now live in the UK. I planted trees in Canada. I work in digital in the UK.
Go to the profile of Henya Drescher
Henya Drescher
Psychological thrillers writer, wife, mother, weightlifter, gardener. Stolen Truth on Amazon.
Go to the profile of Jonathan Peykar
Jonathan Peykar
I write about how men can overcome the challenges faced with women, careers, and the inner conflicts
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J.J. Pryor
Ex-Traveler | Ex-pat | Ex-Head Product | Ex-Polymath | Ex-Cuses | PB&T creator | Top 100 Writer | jjpryor.substack.com
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David Altaner
Two passports: I thought I was covered for life, then we get Trump and Brexit. A business writer who covers everything from bitcoin, Simpsons, dating to royalty
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Alexander Verbeek
Writer and public speaker on the beauty and fragility of nature. Please support my writing by joining Medium http://ow.ly/uoLc30sbB0f (affiliate link).
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Sabah Ismail✨
A human being fascinated by the human experience. Also a writer, artist & transpersonal healing coach writing on spiritual growth, healing & consciousness.
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James Alexander, MATheol, MA, PhD
Former minister and professor. I now work as a Transpersonal coach. My speical interest is religious abuse. https://www.soulcenteredtranspersonalcoaching.com
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Ahsan Chaudhry
I Love to write because I want to share the solution to the problems I faced. Twitter: @ahsan398 . Instagram https://bit.ly/3jrdzpo Web: https://thehappyminded
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Ciaran Quinn
Writing extremely short fiction, plus some true stories // Expat American/Irish/British living in France for many years
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Nischal Maharjan
A lost person writing to find some answers | Overthinker
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Demeter V Delune
S*x educator, Intimacy Coach, Freelance Writer, Journalist. Words in Pleaser, MamaMia, Giddy, Petit Mort, Daily Dot, Your Tango| demeterdelune.com
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“Life is not a test. It’s a playground.” Duped for decades, now I’m exploring the playground. Swing set of writing, painting, composing, shifting.
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Michael Di Fulvio
Computer Architect 50+ yr development experience. Certified Blockchain Architect & Security Professional. Bitcoin/Crypto expert .AI tool SME and LLM developer.
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Rachael Hope
Polyamorous, loud laughing unapologetic feminist, rad fatty, and epic sweet tooth.
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Nicole Sponsel
My writing speaks to how we can all get through life’s struggles, overcome obstacles, and turn them into growth challenges to witness to others.
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Alexia Dominique Reyes
I am an SEO specialist, content creator, and founder of several projects. Learn more at alexiadocare.com
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Tristan Ruark
Expat, traveler, retired ground pounder.
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Ralph Serpe
Writer, artist and musician from the United States.
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Wendi Gordon
Freelance writer on a mission to change lives! Portfolio: https://bio.link/wendigordon Mental health newsletter: https://wendigordon.substack.com
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Arthur Keith
My goal is to inform, educate, & entertain. 8x top writer: LGBTQ, Music, Climate Change. Directionally dyslexic--pointing is fine! You can clap up to 50x!
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I'm Bindu. New to Medium. Lawyer/Exec. Reflections on politics, race, Gen X, feminism, intersectionality, multi-cultural life.
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Roz Warren, Writing Coach
Writing Coach and Editor Roz Warren (roSwarren@gmail.com) will help you improve and publish your work.
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Alan (AJ) Autistic Widower
Former electronics engineer & programmer in England, 50-something with a dry sense of humour. Sharing stories & opinions. Tip jar: ko-fi.com/autisticwidower
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Richard Harney
I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones. --John Cage
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Amy Yoder
I help freelancers overcome workflow pain points. Mental health advocate, neurodivergent, non-toxic productivity lover. Open for gigs: yoder.amy17@gmail.com
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Jenna Franzese
Freelance Writer & Editor
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Leah Welborn
Empower Your Magical Self with me. I'm the Mystic Autistic, a writer and spiritual baddie. LeahWelborn.net.
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June Christina Thomas
I am writing in hopes to discover who I am and who I'd like to be and how to merge the two.
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Christopher Massimine
Christopher Massimine is an entrepreneur, mental health advocate, biz devo expert, contributor for “Entrepreneur,” & EP of the animated feature “The Inventor.”
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Jen Wilking
Writing for a safer, kinder, more just and joyful world | https://jenwilking.com/
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Nanie Hurley 🌿
Bookworm, gamer, mom, copywriter, vegan, and human. I write about things that bring me joy. Top Writer in Books & Sustainability.
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GB Rogut
Jack of all trades, mistress of poetry. Mom to a son. Teacher. Bi. Autistic♾️ 🇲🇽. Careful, things get kinky around here sometimes https://linktr.ee/GbRogut
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Romessa Annan
A passionate writer who loves to pen down the whole world around her.
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Serene Wanderlust
Nomadic Product Designer, aspiring writer, I write about life, love and my nomadic life.
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Lyda Michopoulou
Queer non-binary writer and life transitions coach. Writing on anything and everything. Pronouns: they/them.
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Marmi Le
Data nerd for longer than Gen Z has been alive, mom, and former Jeopardy contestant https://j-archive.com/showgame.php?game_id=2835
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Author Emily
Passionate about beauty, fashion and jewelry, I find myself constantly exploring innovative ways to express my creativity and capture attention!✨️🖋
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Josh Balerite Acol
Writer|Editor|Mom-Dad of 4|Loves all things inspiring! Feel the love and fun. Support my writings — join now! https://joshbaleriteacol.medium.com/subscribe
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Ph.D. Ahmet Akusta
Author | Writer | Writes about writing, blogging, copywriting, content marketing
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Matthew James
Cult survivor living with bipolar disorder. I write to heal but i am also learning all i can to be a great writer. Mental health advocate.
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Subrata Mazumder
Subrata: Engineering, writing, wealth-building. Empowers with insights, beach-lover, family-centered.
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Willow Baum
Writes about truth, freedom, and connection. She is also an end-of-life guide and "death doula" at FriendForTheEnd.com and http://bit.ly/resourcesfordying
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angela l smith
archaeologist, writer, engineer & mom
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Drew Morrison
Want to live your life more relentless? Look here: https://runningrelentless.com
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Elly Lucas
Writer and user researcher for health technology companies. PPI researcher at KCL. Bylines: Wellcome, ReutersPharma and more.
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Lora Straub Brocone
TMI, emotional, neurodiverse, sometimes funny, sentence polisher.
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Michelle Teheux
Lover of literature. Editor of Minds Without Borders. Former newspaper editor. Fascinated by everything. Contact at michelleteheux@gmail.com.
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Edina Kishonthy
My anxiety was kept under control with an antidepressant. When I entered menopause, the medication stopped working. This blog is about my search for answers.
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William Davidson
Husband, father, police officer, and reluctant renovator