Team Collaboration Tools Comparison Chart (Microsoft Teams vs Zoom vs Google Meet vs Webex & More)

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Team Collaboration Tools Comparison Chart (Microsoft Teams vs Zoom vs Google Meet vs Webex)

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom vs Webex vs Slack vs pretty much any other app out there. Hot topic throughout 2021, right?

These team collaboration tools have become the hub of where we work in the modern world. But, finding the right team collaboration app (or set of team collaboration apps) is harder than it might first seem.

You could spend hours reading blog posts weighing up two collaboration apps — only to find you’ve already got one in use or another department has already shortlisted something else.

That’s why we’ve created the team collaboration tools comparison chart.

We started with a focus on core chat and messaging features — and soon realized the process is not complete without at least looking at other features like genuine collaboration and video services.

David Maldow, Founder of Let’s Do Video has already created the comparison chart for video conferencing services.

This team collaboration tools comparison chart is split into sections that Mio customers have identified as the most important when assessing a team collaboration tool:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Security
  3. Chat
  4. Notifications
  5. Guest access
  6. Integrations
  7. Interoperability
  8. Pricing

If you’d rather watch the Mio Director of Content Marketing, Dominic Kent, run through the chart with Let’s Do Video Founder, David Maldow, check out the podcast below.

One major point highlighted in the video is that Skype for Business Online is being retired in July 2021. The on-premises versions will remain in existence for at least a few more years; with Microsoft yet to confirm an end of life date.

If not, scroll down for the full chart.

Here’s the full chart comparing Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, Slack, Zoom Team Chat, RingCentral, and Google Chat.

(Best viewed on a laptop/desktop due to the sheer volume of information included).

Some sections are intended high-level. For example, security should be assessed on a business-by-business basis. Every business will have different security requirements internally.

This chart should act as a guide to help you complete various “tick-box” exercises when evaluating team collaboration apps.

We hope you find this team collaboration tools comparison chart useful.

Feel free to send it to your colleagues and contacts who need to see this. Copying and pasting the image might get a bit fiddly (size-wise) so use this shareable link.

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